February 19th, 2007



Hello to new readers digitalpoetry, justaskforit, and teddywolf!

Much better than last night. I can walk again. *laugh*

Just did a big cut, generally just cutting the people who I feel don't read LJ anymore or don't read me anymore.

People look at my friendslist and scoff - "There's no way she knows almost 400 people!" Actually, I do. I know about 70% of them in person or online for 5+ years. So. It is hard to cut, but at the ame time, I'm meeting new people up here - new people are becoming part of my life - and I want room on the reading list for them.

So. If you're cut, and it matters to you, just let me know; I tried to just cut the people I figured wouldn't care one way or another.

Today's Schedule
Science and craft kit day with Miss Kid; dinner with mizarchivist, fubar, and quiet_elegance.

Daily Science
Forget oatmeal and sweaty work-outs, if it's heart disease you're worried about, the best insurance policy might be a regular afternoon nap, a study said. That's because a little shut-eye in the middle of the day can dramatically reduce the risk of death from heart-disease, presumably because of its stress-busting effect, the authors of the study said. In fact, in a long-term study of Greek men and women, the ones who took at least three 30-minute siestas every week had a 37 percent lower risk of heart-disease related death than those who skipped an afternoon snooze.

Daily BPAL
Got my Inquisition decants! Collapse )
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Con Rules

* Introduce yourself! Especially if I'm eyeing you blankly with a quizzical smile on my face. I meet a lot of people at cons; sometimes the faces go away and only the 'net handles remain, and if your badge only says your legal name... I will just have the faint idea that I ought to know you. (This also goes for phones. I don't recognize voices. We have Caller ID, but not all numbers register. If I brightly say "Hi!", I know who's calling. If I say "Hello?", I don't, please say "Hey, it's $NAME.")

* I am a hug-based organism. It is perfectly okay to gently hug me most days, and I encourage you to do so; it's how I say hello! If I'm having a bad pain day and hugs hurt, I'll tell you. (I thank you guys - cheshyre and gentlescholar being the people who came out and said it - for internalizing the "Do not apply random pressure to fibro!'song" thing.)

Um, that's about it. No one got grabby with my hair at this con. Thumbs up!
Capri - xanadumalion

5 random things about Capri

1. She makes things. Jewelry. Pottery. She knits. She sells stuff at Tyka's boutique (attached to the coffeehouse), is how she gets her spending money.

2. She's a bit agoraphobic when they finally get her out of the Tower. They sneak her out at night before the battle so she can accustom herself to the field.

3. She loves. Fiercely. Almost by default.

4. She can kill you with her brain.

5. She writes letters to her mother, who died in the Purges... stashes them in a drawer in her jewelry box.