February 16th, 2007



Happy early birthday to holme and littlebuhnee, who both advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new readers any_contingency and diamonddustshoe!

Feeling a bit more like myself, thanks to actually getting my anti-seizure meds and a full night of sleep. :)

Daily Science
If we ever make black holes on Earth, they might be much stranger objects than the star-swallowing monsters known to exist in space. According to a new theory, any black hole that pops out of the Large Hadron Collider under construction in Switzerland might be surrounded by a black ring – forming a microscopic "black Saturn".

Daily BPAL
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Friday Memeage!
Flamingo pajamas. What? They are flannel and warm!

A World on Fire: A Heretic, and Aristocrat, and the Race to Discover Oxygen, by Joe Jackson.

The master outline of Shayara.

Boskone! Definitely hitting catvalente's readings and a few of her panels, some grrm stuff - must see where tammy212 will be - and there are some authors not on LJ that I want to see, too, Jane Yolen and Bruce Coville and Scalzi and...


Let me know if you're going to be there!
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Magical Drama Queen Roxy!

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This hotel totally wins.

Hey cintyber! Can we use this hotel for Arisia? *clasps hands, gives puppydog eyes* There's a sushi bar here. And really really nice hotel staff. And and and SHINY.

More later. Now we go to find dinner and programs.
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