February 15th, 2007


Thor's Day

Hello to new readers boomuse and taura_g!

I've been on half-doses of Lyrica all week, just trying to stretch my meager supplies out. It's now been over 24 hours since I've had any at all. I can't really walk right now. And I'm likely going to be spending the day away from the computer to cut down on self-indulgent whining. As of Tuesday afternoon, my insurance company had my prior authorization in their system, awaiting approval. Soon as the approval comes through, we jet over and get my meds, both that and the Lunesta. I'm hoping this happens today. If it doesn't happen by tomorrow afternoon, we can lay out the $150 again, but we can't afford to til tomorrow (payday).

Additional frustration: When I'm on even partial med withdrawal, my brain is too tired for me to get any writing done.

Next Week
Local parents - who's staying home with their kids? Want to get them together?

Daily Science
The Pentagon created the perfect machine for saving the lives of soldiers wounded in Iraq. But then GIs started getting sick. The culprit: a drug-resistant supergerm infecting the military’s evacuation chain.

Daily BPAL
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I think all the locals who wanted to try these have gotten to do so, so I'll be updating my swap/sale list later today or early next week. For now, I must go take a hot bath to see if I can upgrade from "hobble" to "walk".
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Dib - delicious


BPAL Swap/Sale Post has been updated with Freaks and Snakes.

I will not be able to mail anything til Tuesday, due to today's incapacitation and tomorrow-Sunday being Boskone! So I won't bump the post on the BPAL communities til Monday. You guys get first crack at this stuff.

Non-cc PayPal, check, concealed cash. Shipping $1 in the US, $2 international. Swaps welcome, but sale preferred - want monies for the next update! Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.
I can kill you with my brain.

About. Fucking. Time.

Just got through to the insurance-company person.

My Lyrica and Lunesta have been approved.

When did I start this uphill fucking battle, you ask?


Anyway. Finally. We will pick these up when Adam gets home tonight. I will be dosed appropriately. I will sleep.

And we will see if consistent sleep helps the pain, which it should, which is why the Lunesta was prescribed in the first place.

*decisive nod*

Check your peabut nutter!

Yes, we say it "peabut nutter" in this house.* We're weird kids.

Salmonella outbreak!

"Nearly 300 people in 39 states have fallen ill since August, and federal health investigators said they strongly suspect Peter Pan peanut butter and certain batches of Wal-Mart’s Great Value house brand — both manufactured by ConAgra Foods Inc.

Shoppers across the country were warned to throw out jars with a product code on the lid beginning with “2111” which denotes the plant where it was made. "

*pads over to pantry*

*locates peabut nutter*

*sees "2111" code on peabut nutter*

*throws peabut nutter away*

*writes "peabut nutter" on shopping list*

Your turn.

* We also say/write "cat fud",but so do you, I bet, and that's entirely Gary Larson's fault.
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Be Mine

Valentine's Day like whoa

The giftage:

I gave Spooky spooky bath-and-body stuff, Elayna a heart-shaped grow-your-own-strawberries kit, and Adam a +20 Shirt of Smiting and the Zombie Survival Guide.

Spooky gave me books (The Botany of Desire and A Match to the Heart) and poisoned-apple room scent (*hugs Spooky-gifts!*), and Adam gave me the Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, All My Base Are Belong To You T-shirt.

Elayna gave me hugs. :)


(I am convalescing. I hope to be evened out tomorrow.)