February 13th, 2007


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to i_descend!

Hello to new readers rowenablue and tru2myart!

Didn't manage to get to sleep til after 3:30. Need to start taking melantonin. Cancelling lunch and afternoon plans today, because I am exhausted and in pain.

I do anticipate being there, and I'm bringing my Carnaval Diabolique Act III/Snake Pit imps, so people can sniff 'em before I put many of 'em up for swap. Already have a ride, thanks. :)

Sleep, call insurance company, work, hot bath, not necessarily in that order. Daily Science and stuff later. Content later, too.

Who-all's going?
Sick Hippo

Medical note

Time: Just now
What: Bout of SEVERE vertigo sent me twisting/tumbling to the floor. Utterly unable to tell which way was up. Lasted for... I don't know, but it felt like a very long time, enough that I wasn't sure it was going to stop; cried "ah" and "no"...

Very shaky right now. I'm going to lie down.

EDIT: Feeling better after a bit of a lie-down.
Lollipop! - xanadumalion

More reasons to love Boston

* My total lack of brain-to-mouth filter/tact is taken as charming.
* Very cute people want me to top them.
* Party invites!
* Cuddling. :)

Diesel was a bit dead tonight, but I was very low-energy, so that suited. I spent quite a bit of time just exhaustedly slumped over, being petted. Yes, even when worn out, I like to go.... getting out of the house is a Good Thing, and so's social recharging.

Hi. *slumps over*