February 11th, 2007


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* Did not go out at all yesterday; opted instead to give Adam the quiet(ish) board-game night he'd been craving since, um, 2004. It's good to live someplace with potential Adam-gaming-buddies again. Adam's not wholly antisocial, he just needs the right sort of social energy. It was a good night. :) Spence, Amanda left her sunglasses, btw.

* I got more consecutive hours of sleep Friday night than I've had in weeks. My body repaid me for this by giving me very broken sleep last night. *yawn*

* Latest meds-news - the doctor's office faxed my paperwork to the imaging place rather than to my insurance company. Why? I do not know. I'm now on half-rations of the Lyrica in an attempt to stretch out my remaining pills - Adam gets paid Friday, and we really can't afford to pay for an out-of-pocket refill before then. If I call the insurance people and the doctor's office first thing tomorrow and fucking *cry*, they might be able to push the approval through before I run out. Maybe. In the meantime, no driving *at all*.

* I have most of an ayalanya-necklace. *vibrates with glee* It'll be done within a week, probably. Just ordered the centerpiece-stone last night. Yes, there will be pictures.

* Now I must shower and twist my hair up so's to be ready for hot-tubbing. Yay hot-tubbing!
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Elayna 2006

We were not ready for this.

The child has reached menarche.

Reached? Attained? The child has gotten her period. The child is shaky and upset and, in her words, not ready to grow up yet.

I told her she doesn't have to grow up yet. I told her to take her time, move at her own pace. I told her that she will be okay. But she is tearful and miserable.

Elayna & Mommy laughing

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So. Any ideas for rituals? What do you wish your mother did for you, on this occasion?

EDIT: Oh, dude. I know just what. Her favorite women-and-girls-only thing.

Writing marathon.

manifestress, do you have a description written up of writing marathons?

We're doing Boskone this weekend, so we'll have to do it the weekend after. A week from this upcoming Saturday. *plots and plans*