February 8th, 2007


Thor's Day

Hello to new readers crazybone and marmota!

Not too terribly much sleep last night. *sigh* But pain levels are mild to moderate.

I have said that I will bring a chart of the typical fibromyalgia tender/trigger points and a Sharpie to the next playparty I attend, and have someone draw the international "no" symbol on me in the appropriate places, so people know where not to hit. :) My butt can take a beating. But please not right *under* my butt or right *over* it...

Damn the Man! Save the Empire Pandemonium!
Pandemonium Books is having major financial issues; they're selling T-shirts to try to keep from going under.

This is a great store, one of the last big indie SF/F stores. And it's a great venue, too - catvalente and s00j did their reading/concert of The Orphan's Tales: In the Night Garden/For the Girl in the Garden there. It was awesome. :)

So buy a shirt. And shop there instead of Borders or B & N. And tell your friends!

Daily Science
In a sub-atomic light show that has had quantum physicists shaking their heads in wonder, US scientists have made a tiny pulse of light stop, jump from one group of atoms to another and then continue on its merry way.

When do I get my teleporter?

Daily BPAL
Okay, Boston-area BPALers - looks like we're having a Meet & Sniff at my place at 1 PM on Sunday. Bring snacks, if you'd like!

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Talthar Kithrayna

[Shayara] (a goddess's grief)

I did not want to love her. Oh, brother, sister - I did not want to love her.

I am old enough to know better. Of course I am. An immortal among mortals, watching them blossom and fade like morning flowers in the noonday sun - how could I have allowed myself to feel for her, this bright blossom of a Lishaya?

Isobel. Her name was Isobel, and she died today, died of the Plague that ravages this countryside. I watched her weaken, helpless - my gifts could not help her. She needed yours, brother, and you were too far away, and the disease advancing too quickly.

The girl who danced, who kissed me dizzy, the wise and impish girl barely grown to womanhood - I held her all through her last days, cradling her as she grew lighter, thinner. I held her as she died, I kissed her cooling forehead, and I am building her pyre.

I feel hollow. Brother, sister - I have not known grief like this in centuries. I have not spoken since she died, since what-was-Isobel left her frail body. I feel as if I will never speak again.

I cannot allow myself to love them again. I cannot.

I will bring her ashes to ki'Lishaya'ra; I will bring them to the grove at the heart of the castle, where she was first made, where she first died - in your arms, then, brother. Did you feel like this? How did you bear it?

I will bring her ashes to the city her people have deserted, and I will dwell there a while. I will not walk among them.

I did not mean to love her. I am a fool, and she was my heart, now torn from me.
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(no subject)

...wow, that one's depressing. Sorry. It just popped out, and I know some of you need your fix.

*tries to shake off the sister-god's mourning*

*switches from Rob Dougan to Rusted Root*
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The hardest part of starting to tell the story of Shayara is deciding where to start, who to start with.

The webcomic format makes this easier, actually, and makes it easier to infodump the stuff you should know going in. We're starting with a several-page story that'll go up in one shot. Viewpoint character? Donna. The Librarian. Telling the story of her people as she knows it.

And then I throw you headlong into my world.

Status of the webcomic thus far: Mouse and I have huge to-do lists. The site needs to be moved to a more stable server, and it's being completely overhauled. Mouse is currently working on new art of all of the main characters; you've already seen her Julia, and she's now working on Napalm. Me, I'm working on the big huge master outline and on Donna's story.

We want to deliver your new favorite story. We want to immerse you in this world. We want your heart to break on cue.

We're working our butts off to do that, and will continue to do so. :)

This story is my heart, and I will do it justice.
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Alanna & Jeramie

(no subject)

...so who's in my head now, clamoring to be heard?



Not only is that stuff I don't get paid for, but it's stuff that turns my brain inside out. I'm gonna need a hug and a good stiff drink after this...
Short Chick - khaosworks

Today's medical frustrations

* Got a packet from Social Security Disability; I have to fill everything out all over again. Nyargh. Anyone know a good SSD attorney 'round here? I know this would go easier with one...

* Finally got a call back from the insurance company (I'd called them yesterday morning) - they say my doctor (local neuro this time) hasn't completed the paperwork, which they allegedly sent him on the 2nd. Gee, it would've been nice if they'd called me back yesterday, since I spoke to said doctor today and could've brought that up. (MRIs are fine, brain MRI consistent with earlier results; EEG results not yet in.)

I swear, this is a full-time job all by itself.

In other news, the combined efforts of epilepsy-drug-fatigue + fibromyalgia-fatigue had me knocked out all afternoon. Ffft. *pokes husband to brew coffee to wake brain up so she can write*
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