February 7th, 2007

Capri - xanadumalion

Odin's Day

Happy birthday to ultra_lilac!

Hello to returning reader jocosa!

Feeling okay this morning after a full night's sleep. Yesterday sucked, though. *rueful grin*

Your Daily Good Deed
liamstliam will be jumping into the freezing-cold waters of Massachusetts Bay once again this year, to raise money for the Special Olympics. This year, he and his students are raising money in memory of a student who died this year. For more info, and to get him from his current $510 to his goal of $1,000 raised, click here to sponsor him!

Yay. :)
Much as I love socializing - and last night at Diesel? very, very nice. *sillygrin* - I need alone time to recharge, and that's what I'm getting for the next two days - just recharging and writing time.

If Too Many Friends is one of the biggest problems I have? It's really not a bad life.

Daily Science
What causes the smell after rain?

Daily BPAL
Those who fell in love with what I was wearing last night - it was Priala, the Human Phoenix. Possibly my new signature scent, if only because it makes pretty girls want to do naughty things to me.

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It looks like I'm having a bit of a Meet & Sniff at my place on Sunday. Liam, what time d'you think we'll be back from Urban Oasis?
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(I just discovered xkcd. Ph34r.)

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And this is totally me. I wear silly socks and Supergirl panties. I have toys in my office. I paint my toenails weird colors. I play. Maybe having a kid helps - I have a social excuse to do silly things. When oneagain first met me, she was shocked that I was 32 - she thought I looked much younger. I told her that living right kept me young. And part of living right = playing and letting yourself be weird. I took myself way too seriously when I was a kid. I'm making up for it now. Another thing to thank Elayna for... I live my life the way I want her to live hers, honest and brave and good to others and fun...
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Lollipop! - xanadumalion

Birthday Birthday Birthday!

My birthday is March 2, and my birthday party is March 3. Saturday night.

There will be punch and pie.

And chocolate bourbon cake.

Will you be able to attend my party? Do you wish reminders?

Not sure - keep me posted.
No. :(

Penguins or Apricots?


Wondering whether to do an eVite; some people seem to hate them. But it's an easy way for me to keep track of headcount, and to distribute my address. And stuff.

Oh, and gifty-stuff - you don't have to get me anything. If you do, I have an Amazon wishlist linked off my sidebar, and a BPAL wishlist at the top of my journal, and I'm easy to buy for, anyway; cute socks and weird jewelry and stuff. And charity donations never go un-appreciated. *nods*
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Everything hurts/Doesn't work


I can no longer type for two straight hours.

Fibromyalgia is a *great* series of anatomy lessons, let me tell you. The pain spreads from the neck and shoulders down through the arms and down the upper back... I am very aware of what's connected to what right now.

Got a sizable chunk of work done, though, something that really displays what this app can do. (I have work ethic like whoa - I refuse to turn in crap. I turn in aesthetically pleasing and chock-full-of-content stuff.)

Now I must retire to the couch with my heat-up moose, so I can function later today.

I do not like having time limits on my creative process.

(Unrelated: freelance writer/stay-at-home-mom != free babysitter. I'm just sayin'.)
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Book Love - by RoseFox

Evidence of the coolness of our library

My haul today, just from the YA section, includes Firebirds Rising (with stories by coffeeem and tammy212, among others), Margaret Atwood's Penelopiad, and Jen Trynin's Everything I'm Cracked Up To Be. The new releases section yielded norilana's Salt of the Air, which I checked out, and catvalente's The Orphan's Tales: In the Night Garden, which I positioned prominently in a nearby empty display thingie.

Elayna got a bunch of manga, some historical novels (ancient Greece and Rome), a Bruce Coville short story collection, a bunch of William Sleator books, and more.

I love this library. (So does Elayna - she asked to come more often. So now we have a weekly mother/daughter library date.)
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