February 4th, 2007


Lazy Sunday

* Despite being so exhausted last night that I was nodding off on the couch, I slept poorly. Need my Lunesta, dammit.

* Due to that, I'm staying home today so I can rest/nap when needed.

* Last night was so wonderful. :)

* Got a lot of cleaning up and organizing to do today, so the upcoming week will run smoothly.

* Look for a post tomorrow about Avon, highlighting awesome deals! I'll be doing a Monday post on that every week. Just one a week, so's not to flood your friendspage.

* Still need a ride to/from Mt. Auburn Hospital Tuesday morning. Anyone? Bueller? I'll buy you coffee. Thanks for the offers - ayalanya's got me!

* I only have two days this week that are entirely mine, and I am *hoarding* them. They are writing days. Several people asked about my schedule last night - look to next week. :)

* Now I go do yoga. *stretch*
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Random imp testing

I'm feeling lazy about Getting Stuff Done tonight, so I'll give myself a little treat: testing imps. *nods*

Yes, the BPAL obsession is weird. It's difficult to explain. Scent just makes me happy. I've always had highly defective vision and mildly defective hearing, but I've had a great sense of smell. Which is not as useful as Matt Murdock's mad skillz, but hey.

And BPAL is not just Stuff What Smells Pretty. Some of the scents are incredibly evocative of places, times. Some evolve and morph on you - scent portraits.

And it's essential oils, no alcohol, so it doesn't have that nasty chemical stench that department-store perfume has.


Carnaval Diabolique, Act III. Presenting the Freak Show...

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