February 3rd, 2007

Everyone here is a crazy person.

Today's comedy of errors...

In reading out the recipe for the spicy chocolate cake we're bringing to the Hot Foods party, I forgot one step - "remove from pan".

So Adam, not being a baker in general, didn't.

I went over to check out the cake. Blinked. "Um, honey?"


"I love you..."

"What did I do?"

Glazed the cake upside down, still in the pan.


I flipped the cake onto a plate. It refused to budge. I flipped it back and cut along its sides to release the vacuum effect of the glaze. Flipped it. It refused to budge.

I pushed up my sleeves. Gave the cake a Look. And gave it a solid WHAM! smack dab in the middle with the heel of my hand.

It popped out perfectly.

My kung fu is strong, y0.

So, um, we are having double-glazed spicy chocolate cake today.
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Yay. :)

Hot Foods party = wonderful. sunspiral is to be praised!

Recipe for the cake we brought Collapse )

And everyone liked it quite a lot, which pleased me, as this was the first time we'd made that one. Certainly won't be the last!

So. I am satisfactorily peopled-out and muchly hugged and caressed and petted and happy. :) A very good night.

The downside of hugging: I have much neck-and-shoulder pain from reaching up for hugs! I need to have cards printed up for when people see me wince: "No, I'm not okay. No, there's nothing you can do to help, but thank you for wanting to. Don't worry, it'll pass."

I am going to go heat up my shoulder-moose and curl up with it, aussie_nyc, ian_gunn, jenphalian, and my lovely husband and daughter, who are watching the live-action Tick.
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