February 1st, 2007


Thor's Day

Hello to new readers bachsoprano and neitherday!

* Neuro visit went well; he re-upped my Lunesta and wrote a prescription for Lyrica, and promised to sign the paperwork. So my first business-hours order of business today is to call the insurance company and get them to fax over the paperwork. I'll need to refill the Lyrica prescription late next week, and I want to allow time for fuckups.
* Said I had to get the Tramadol through my primary care doc, though, so that's my second order of business.
* I have an MRI and an EEG scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, but I can't find the appointment cards, so I can't remember which is which! Third order of business is to call the neuro's office and say "Halp!" The MRI will also include my lower back, as I'm having weakness in my legs. Could be fibro-related, but we want to rule out anything neurological.
* Painwise, yesterday was mild to moderate, with weakness and slow-burning ache in the legs all day. Got worse in the evening. Today, it's scaled back to mild, and I shall take care of myself - careful yoga, stretching between activities, bath with muscle-soak bath salts.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena
I am being mainlined Utena by yunatwilight. I feel like a foie-gras goose, but instead of producing a questionable delicacy, I am being force-fed to play a particular character in her Utena LARP.

Local male LARPers - Mars needs men! There are two male roles that stand unfilled, both really good ones. Utena experience with no LARP experience is okay, LARP experience with no Utena experience is okay (if you don't mind watching select episodes to prep). No LARP experience + no Utena experience = no play, sorry.

nomadmwe, I'm lookin' at you.

Is a writing day. All day. With scheduled breaks to preserve sanity and get other things done. Worthy of note: This is the first day this week that I've been able to sit down and write. I love you all, my local friends, but I need this. At least twice a week.

Daily Science
*blink* *blink* Goodness gracious, they've built Maxwell's Demon!

Daily BPAL
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*updates sale post with Wicked and Jabberwocky, $2.50 each*
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Big Yay News!

Spooky will be here for my birthday.

*boogies down*

Best birthday gift evar.

So yes. If you want to meet Spooky? My birthday party. Saturday, March 3.

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(no subject)

I have a girlfriend who sends me flannel pajamas with penguins on 'em, and you don't.

(But if you don't, you should!)

Some of the penguins are eating ice cream.

She sends me penguin pajamas, and she sends me messages in bottles, all rolled up in handmade paper. "This is what you get for dating a poet," she said in the first bottle-message.

And she calls me Story, and that reminds me who I am.
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Body Count - by sforzie

(no subject)

Little Miss Victoria Diana Regina Brimstone the Squeaky thinks she should be helping to write Shayara.

Victoria says: "vbbbbbbbbbbbvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvmmtggggggggggggNMMMMGB."

She also thought my music wasn't loud enough.

*eyes her tiny purring assistant*

We really need a camera-computer-hookup-thingy so I can show you how damn cute she is. A cat less adorable could never get away with this.
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Julia in color - xanadumalion

(no subject)

...just watched this week's House.

I don't often talk back to the screen that much.

I almost want to dare people to debate it with me.

(If you saw the look on my face right now, you wouldn't.)

Going to watch something more lighthearted now.