January 26th, 2007



Happy early birthday to bikergeek and rubrchick, who'll be advancing a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader jewishlibrarian!

Hell. Was up til 3:30 AM, all mindracy. Finally had to put myself to bed with Lunesta. This morning: the hand-claw thing and much achyness, especially my legs. Will be doing a muscle-soak bath.

So this is what y'all mean by "winter". Right, then. I'm staying in with a pot of tea.

So what is the Fetish Flea like, anyway? What ought I to expect? Who-all's going? Anyone got crashspace for us? (Ours fell through. Poo.)

Miss Kitty Fantastico is settling in nicely. The other cats, not so much. Jack has totally accepted her, but Max is still doing his hiss-and-mrrrrOOOOOOOWrrr routine, so they're still separated. Adam and Elayna will continue to socialize them in small doses this weekend.

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Kires should be here soon; anyone who wants to help unload should come on over! This is the rest of my stuff. :) *All* the rest of my stuff. I am very happy. :)

Hot bath with a BPAL Ugh bath bomb helped my headache and leg pain; I still feel weak in the limbs, but you can't get *everything* from a bath.

I will be taking things slow this weekend.

My stuff... oh, my stuff!

Hauling and pushing and pulling and my stuff is upstairs, the stuff I've been living without for months...

And guess what I tore into first? The two boxes I practically dove into, shredding tape and flinging paper?

Not books. Not comics. Not even my altar.

The art.

I have not been myself without this - every day part of me has secretly worried that Something Bad Will Happen and that it will be lost or destroyed. And it's here. Package after package torn open - signed ElfQuest art, my Vess Tam Lin, Linda Medley's Castle Waiting characters... the first picture where Elayna's actually posing... original art by Mousie, both of my characters and of cute little skunks... the painting jnanacandra did for my character Tiala. Story after story - the portrait of me when I was two. Original Sandman and Shanda the Panda art, and Kevin and Kell...

Our ketubah.

I just hugged that for a long moment, sillygrinning. Our ketubah. And the Vess Tam Lin.

So much beauty, and so much of us - our story.

Now we're home. :)
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Everyone here is a crazy person.

Dinner with the Gojirawitzes

(Elayna compares being nervous to having someone get on your nerves; Kires examines the parallels. Long conversation. Not reproducing.)

Kires: ...and when they're getting on your nerves, you want to eat them. But you can't.

Elayna: I don't want to eat them. I just want to cut off their toes.

Everyone: ...

Elayna: And then their feet. And their legs.

Me: To the pain!

Elayna: And then their arms. And then their head. And then their ears, and nose...

Me: After the beheading, why bother to continue?

Elayna: Well, at that point, it's just fun.

Kires: At that point, it's less torture and more... mulching.

Me: Mmm. A fine red paste on the floor.

Kires: Like marinara sauce.

At this point, Elayna obliges us by flicking marinara sauce onto her eyelid.

Elayna: Aaagh! *giggle*

Kires: See? Marinara sauce is dangerous! Tonight at 11 - examine the perils of marinara sauce. Should you allow it in your home?

Me: We're here with Elayna Gojirawitz, who has just hit herself IN THE EYE, Bob, with marinara sauce. Elayna, how do you feel?

Elayna: It was my eyelid, not my eye -

Me: This is Fox News. We don't care about the facts.

Elayna: Yes, but -

Me: Why do you hate America?

Elayna: *lengthy gigglefit*
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