January 24th, 2007

Everything hurts/Doesn't work

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My body can go from "Not bad, thanks" to "Ow ow mutherfucker" in under an hour.

Guess where I am now?


On the bright side, much good cuddling tonight. Much shyness, too, though. I have not been so shy with someone in some time, but I also haven't been, as I put it to him, "navigating initial attraction" with anyone in some time. Most everyone I've added recently, I'd been friends with for years prior to anything happening.

I popped Flexeril a few minutes ago, so the above sentences are not making a lot of sense, and it took several tries to spell navigating. Bed now. (Cyn & Tory - you call after Cyn's thing tomorrow?)

Odin's Day

Happy birthday to never1eighty and thejunebug!

Hello to new readers cintyber and lawbabeak!

Gyah. I had a doctor appointment at 10:15. I just woke up. *headdesk* Not good.
Also, pain, and my limbs feel heavy, though the latter may be a Flexeril hangover.
Rough week. Which also = me not getting stuff done. Which drives me nuts.
Also? I need a sign on my back at Diesel that says "Do not massage!"

Daily Science
New ideas on developing thought-controlled artificial limbs!

Daily BPAL
There is no Daily BPAL, due to this being Cat Pickup Day! Don't want to confuse the poor kittygirl with weird smells til she gets adjusted.
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Everything hurts/Doesn't work

Warning: Do Not Massage!

Some elaboration on that...

I am perky and small and quite clearly touch-welcoming; when I'm comfortable touching a person, I am very snuggly.

I find myself in a community where many express their affection through impromptu shoulder rubs or back rubs (the latter generally while hugging).

So. I find myself getting unasked-for massage quite a lot. Purely as a gesture of affection on the part of the masseur/masseuse.

Please I do not want this.

When you rub my shoulders or my back, you run the risk of aggravating my fibro.

I think that I have been good about being very patient when people do this - "No, honey, that hurts." "Please don't - it'll set off the fibro." Et cetera. Because I know that it comes from a place of affection.

I should start yelling "Bad touch!" *laugh*

But seriously, as a boundary thing, now: No massage. Hug me, snuggle me, squeeze my hand; these are all okay. (Though varying pain levels can mean that sometimes all touch is bad touch, but I'm patient when saying that, too.)

Thank you. *hugs*
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