January 22nd, 2007


No 'net access

(This is yendi posting from work on shadesong's account).

We have no Internet access at home, which means that if you've emailed her since Sunday mid-morning or commented in her LJ, she hasn't seen it.

If you have something important that she needs to see, please email me (yendi) at my LJ account before 4-ish in the afternoon (as I'll lack internet afterwards as well).
Magical Drama Queen Roxy!

Yay! Internet!

I have achieved internet! *dances*

Internet withdrawal sucks. It reminded me of when I first developed tendonitis - just as you don't realize how dependent you are on your dominant wrist until it's 100% out of commission, you don't realize how internet-dependent you are until you're totally unable to do work, fact-check, look up weather in other cities, communicate with retailers and party planners, et cetera...

So. Yes.

Assume that I've not read anything since Saturday, and act accordingly.

Hi. :)

I did get rather a lot of work done in my office...
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Elayna & Mommy laughing

...squeaking in under the wire...

Blog for Choice Day - January 22, 2007

I chose to have a child.

I am glad I had a choice.

I will fight to the end of my days to support your right to choose.

(That's Blog for Choice Day. In case you were wondering how I celebrated Penguin Awareness Day, I did so by purchasing penguins for my iPod.)

EDIT: Adding this from a comment to a friend's post, her words italicized:

I know someone who was raped, got pregnant, and kept the baby in hopes that the father was her boyfriend rather than the rapist.

Reading this put me back there... not in a bad way! Just - I don't think about my personal choice very often.

I should write about that.

I hate it when people assume that because I chose to have her, especially in those circumstances, that I'm anti-abortion. No. I chose not to have an abortion. But I don't have the right to tell anyone else what to choose, what to do with their bodies. I have held women I love just before and/or just after their abortions, and I respect their choice, too.

This deserves a whole 'nother post, when I'm more awake.
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