January 19th, 2007

Everyone here is a crazy person.


Welcome to new readers fenicedautun (did I meet you Sunday?), laurion (did I meet you at Arisia?), and trowa_barton (I know I met you!)!

Okay. Got to bed at a reasonable hour, with the aid of Lunesta. Mild-to-moderate pain day. Took a walk last night, longer than I should've, which showed me how deconditioned I am. Ugh. :(

Tomorrow, we take Elayna to a local animal shelter to get her own cat! EDIT: We're going to Baypath, which is a no-kill shelter; also, they have a cat room, so Elayna can just walk right in and get chosen by Her Cat.

Me: "I'm going to send Elayna in - without me, because cats bond to me like no one's business."
dicotomygrrl: "Hon, even cat people bond to you. I have seen this. It's crazy."

I have prepared Elayna for the fact that her cat will bond to me as well since I'm me and since I'll be the one spending all day with it. She understands. But it's important to us to have that first bond be with *her*. The cat will be in her room while Max and Jack acclimate to its smell and presence. Must pick up a disposable litter box...

Anyone have...?
A spare printer cable or one of those thingies you use to get the pictures from a digital camera on your computer? Figured I'd see if anyone had one they could give/trade/loan before I spend monies.

Yes, I'm terribly inarticulate this morning. Need more coffee.

Daily Science
Experiments on monkeys may explain an enduring mystery surrounding the 1918 influenza virus that inflicted the deadliest plague of the last century, a new study says.
The H1N1 virus broke out among troops in the trenches of the Western Front of World War I, and the pathogen spread in large part through their demobilisation at the end of the conflict. By the time the flu had run its course, 25-50 million people around the world had died.
But one of the biggest riddles is why so many of the victims were adults in the prime of life rather than the very old and the very young, the typical fatalities in a flu epidemic...

And since you have been very good, you get a Bonus Daily Science: a guide to the formation of the elements.

Daily BPAL
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Friday memeage!
Happy Bunny pajamas. "In Heat" panties. Fuzzy red socks.

Programming the Universe: A Quantum Computer Scientist Takes on the Cosmos, by Seth Lloyd.
Elayna is reading The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place, by E.L. Konigsburg.
I have no idea what Adam is reading.

I'll tell you that later. :)

Housebound day for me today - more con recovery, bit of tidying, writing.
Tomorrow: Cat!
Sunday: Acclimating cat!

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Magical Drama Queen Roxy!

Birthday Party Date Grab!

My birthday is March 2; my birthday party is Saturday, March 3. I'm turning 33 and celebrating on 3-3. :) I will be a palindrome!

All local friends are invited. Even if I've only met you a few times. What better time to get better acquainted?

All nonlocal friends are invited, for that matter. Gwyn, AirTran's having a sale!

Party will be at my house. Time TBA. Early portion of the party will be kidfriendly, though my house is *not* childproofed. Later portion of party will be more adults-only. (It's not that kind of party, but I will need a birthday spanking. ;))

There are cats; please medicate accordingly. We can shut them up upstairs if we absolutely must, but prefer not to, as Jack, for one, loves people.

*beam* Birthday party!
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And now, some words to go with that glorious picture.

(And it is glorious, isn't it? I am continually giving thanks that an artist as incredibly gifted as m0usegrrl fell in love with my story. It is so freakin' incredible that someone else sees and can translate the world in my head.)

Yes, this is a radical shift in format, but it's one that makes sense. Dead-tree, single-issue comics are just not the way to go as an independent publisher (thousands of dollars to launch a single issue!) or as a storyteller (only 22 pages, infodump, cliffhanger). We'd been planning on doing it as three graphic novels - the trade paperback format is where comics are heading, and also, this way, we'd get to be in bookstores and amazon.com. But no movement was happening on the creator front.

Then I had an idea. "Huh. Mouse? What about if we do it as a webcomic?"

Mouse: "Omigod YES I have been wanting to do a webcomic forever!"

So. A couple of months now I've been sitting on this, just ready to explode. Hee! And now I can talk about it. :)

I have always been very aware of my medium, taking every opportunity to use it to the maximum. It's why I write this as a comic instead of straight prose - there's so much more I can do when you add in that extra layer.

Well - here's another layer or two I can use. :)

You'll get character blogs. You'll get vocal tracks. You'll get a hell of a lot of surprises. If Mouse and I pull this off, and I'm pretty sure we will...

You've never seen anything like what we've got in store for you.

Over the next months, I'll be writing my ass off, finishing the Primer and kicking off the webcomic. Mouse will be drawing - creating a nice big backlog.

Two months before the premiere, we will start rolling out the cool shit. Every Tuesday, you get a piece of promo art. Every Thursday, you get a piece of story.

And we're opening up with a multipage short comic-book-in-itself - Donna, telling the story of the Dasaroi from the beginning of her first life, through the Fall, through to today.

Boom, baby.

And yes, there will be icons, wallpaper, and merch. I want a T-shirt of this first promo piece. :) There will be a forum. There will be contests. And lots more, that we're holding secret for now. :)

I am going to tell you my story.

Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

Not all sunshine and roses...

How my night has been:

I poked my head in Adam's office. No Adam. I stomped upstairs - ah. Adam sprawled on the bed.

I shook his leg gently. "Adam." (Note: This was a bit ago; I wasn't waking him at bedtime.)

No response.

Shook his leg again; when I got no response, I moved to his back, where I promptly got an "Unh?"

I sat beside him and waited for his eyes to fully open. "Two things."


"One? It's your turn to parent. Two? Since I'm the heinous bitch tonight anyway - do your chores*."

"What's going on?"

Summary, with far less profanity here than I used there: The teenager child was told to clean her room today so the cat will be able to stay in there tomorrow. She did her version of room-cleaning and settled in to watch American Idol.

Now, watching American Idol, a habit she picked up from her aunt, is bad enough. But she provides a constant stream of commentary. Much of this commentary is intended as conversation with me. I, on the other hand, am not watching American Idol; I am eating dinner and reading a magazine. I worked hard today, between housestuff and Shayarastuff. I just want to read a freakin' magazine for a bit. So this sets up the following situation: She is frustrated with me because she doesn't feel that I'm listening to her. I am frustrated with her because I want to stop having to read the same paragraph over and over, and besides, I listen to her on the Important Stuff and on most of the frivolous stuff; failing to have an opinion on a few Minneapolis contestants in favor of having an opinion on the war in Uganda (opinion: it is bad) (also: support the International Rescue Committee, the Norwegian Refugee Council (they provide schooling), and Doctors Without Borders) does not make me a bad mother. IMO.

And then I thought to check her room.

"Elayna? You need to be able to close your closet door." (It has a mountain of KidDetritus in front of the open door.)


"Because you are not going to want to climb over and through that mess to chase the cat in when it decides it wants to hide in there, is why."

*massive put-upon sigh*

So she does that. Comes back down. "Can you check and see if I'm done now?"

"Did you hang up your clothes?"


"Is there still a huge box of hangers in the corner?"


"You're not done."


There then follows several minutes of her declaring that I am unreasonable, bemoaning the fact that I am not listening, et cetera. I say, calmly, "I am reading right now."


Running upstairs and stomping about heavily ensues. This culminates in her coming back downstairs, conspicuously stomping into my office, and defiantly tearing off a piece of tape.

Ah. I have rated the ultimate in Elayna's displeasure: she has Written a Note. Said note will be taped to her closed door to silently advise me of my sins. This particular note says: "I am upset & angry & busy. I need peace."

You need peace? Good. So do I.

This whole thing just - gyah. The one bad thing about Boston is that I can't always just go for a walk, which is how I de-stressed in Atlanta - it's too damn cold. I need to find an indoor way to de-stress. When trapped as the only awake parent of a ranting pre-teen.

We've both cooled down some now, after some further dramatics on her part. Adam was on duty. Still. I'm gritting my teeth as I contemplate her impending adolescence.

*Since I'm home all day and Adam's out bringing home the bacon (literally), I do most of the housework - his chores = the things I can't physically do. My hands have gotten very gimpy over the past few months, for example, so while I can do most standard household things on most days, I can't haul a laden laundry basket up and down the necessary three flights of stairs. It messes up my hands for days afterward. So that's an Adam chore.
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* Yeah, the Shayara website is outdated and goes down like a cheap hooker. We're working on that.

* No, my name on the announcement isn't a typo. I'm legally changing it.

Any other questions? (She asks at 10 PM on a weekend...)