January 18th, 2007


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Dear writerbrain:

Please reserve inspiration for hours in which I am not too utterly exhausted to spell "inspiration".


--your bitch
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Thor's Day

Hello to new readers lunrwolf, rigel, streon, and stuwiggle!

Still having moderate deep-muscle aches from Arisia, mostly my legs. Will have a hot bath after this post.

The Big Shayara News
...will probably be announced tomorrow.

We were just talking about this...
...in the City Building panel at Arisia: the fact that every planet in Star Wars has a theme, and biologically-impossible ecological uniformity, et cetera. And that only one planet in the whole Empire is a city.

Daily Science
Things to make and do! I don't think I'll be allowed to do any of these in Fast Track (Arisia kids' programming). :)

Daily BPAL
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Also? I have a bottle of the original Shub, full to a titch above the label. It smells of lemon Pledge. I will gladly swap it to a citrus-lovin' person for a bottle from the non-lemony batch. (This is the reason I've not ordered new Shub from the lab, despite loving my imp - the risk of getting some from a lemony batch! I want evil gingerbread!)
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Everyone here is a crazy person.

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I have the phrase "organic produce delivery" going through my head to the tune of "Hinei Mah Tov".

"Organic produce deliiiiv'ry; shevet achim gam yaaaachad."

Over and over.


(This post brought to you in part by my realization that my lifestyle is rapidly shifting; I still have the shreds of a starvation mentality, hanging onto them like a baby blanket in a bottom drawer, and I'm now in a lovely little house and have more than enough money and I wear my pearls to the spa and we're going to be getting organic produce delivery (shevet achim gam yachad) twice a month.)
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Vendors and artists who impressed me at Arisia

I am, as always, blown away by the work of m0usegrrl and ayalanya. My parents' birthday gift to me this year is a necklace by ayalanya. Yay gorgeous custom jewelry, and yay money going to my friends!

sothe had gorgeous stuff in the art show as well - jewelry and sculpture with bones. I do want to commission something with vertebrae. I love vertebrae. I don't know what it is about them. So delicate, but they protect the core of the body. Beautiful. Skulls, too.

Columbine had lovely stuff, too; I bought a large oval labradorite ring from her, and seriously pondered some other stuff. She's veryvery nice, too. :)

Mawson Made had some nifty clothes - I think this is where rafaela got her new dress.

RockerBoy had the cutest stuffed toys! I want.

Parrish Relics - the most unbelievably gorgeous jewelry! *wistful sigh*

The Crystal Grove sold me my new drum. :)
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SillyMe - Photognome

Second Arisia picture!

slipjig giving me the clap at hammercock's Office Space party Friday night! I *heart* giant microbes.
Yes, I have a spray of bluebells painted across my forehead (and my other cheek). Because I'm a good sport of a Fast Track panelist, is why.
No, I'm not wearing makeup. Because I don't care to, is why. I got out of the habit when I stopped working outside the home. My skin thanks me for it!
Yes, I'm in a bit of a sweaty disarray. I was drumming for two solid hours!
My hair Shoggoth is on the other side, sadly...
slipjig = so cute.
Arisia = so fun. :)
I need new glasses.