January 13th, 2007


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So exhausted. So happy. :)

Due in large part to the drum circle.I drummed right through the prom! *facepalm* This isabout the 6th year running I've missed a dance I wanted to o to... but this time it was because I was drumming my wee butt off with my daughter. About which I'll post more later, because Miss Kid's asleep and I'm typing slowly and quietly, and I'm about to fall over... besides the drumming, I got to spend the later-evening with slipjig...

Drunk Mousie: "And d00d people were coming up to me and saying 'Hi Mouse!', and I donnevenknow who the hell they are!"
Me:"Welcome to my life!"

slipjig, after the 14th interruption down the same hallway: "How do you get anywhere?"
Me: "I don't. That's the problem. Help!"

New rule: Do not touch my hair unless you are about to have sex with me. (Touching my hair doesn't mean you then get to have sex with me. It doesn't work that way.)

So yes. Okay. Exhausted and on people overload (but not as bad as it was earlier) and happy and yeah. Sleep now.
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