January 12th, 2007


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Adam has gone to bed. m0usegrrl and theferrett and I are still awake. And we have reached the point in the evening where everything is hysterically funny.

Note for later: "The Ass-People of Massapequa" as the Great American Novel. Tidal waves of spooge! The, Darkman, The!

And, hell, everything.

robyn_ma, why are you not here?

Arisia. Tomorrow. Be there. *points at you, all rock-star-like*
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Rapid-fire post to be edited-to-add-stuff as I go

* I do not have a cellphone.

* I do not know room numbers yet; ask me when you see me at the Con!

* Do not hug me from behind without letting me know you're there. Seriously. Reflexes. You don't want to experience this.

* Do hug me once I know you're there. I am about 20 pounds more snuggleable than I was last Arisia, and thoroughly enjoy hugs!

* Today's schedule: Arrive ~4:00, help Mousie set up in the art show. Dinner with slipjig? Reshaping Grimm and Goose panel with catvalente and jesshartley! Drum circle. Prom at the End of the Universe.

* Yes, I will be wearing a prom dress. :)
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