January 9th, 2007


Quick Arisia questions

Going to be at Arisia? Give to me your phone number!

Got anything else to say while no one's looking?

I still don't have a cell phone. That's not a complaint - if I wanted one, I'd have one! I'm just heading off the "What's your number?" comments at the pass.

Another quick thing - anyone have any particular BPAL scents they'd like to smell? I'm not going to the Meet & Sniff (scheduled against the drum circle!), but I'll be carrying a tin of imps in my backpack. And there's my party Saturday night, of course. I don't have a list of what I've got, because I have a *lot*. Just say what you'd like to smell, and if I have it, I'll bring it.

I am now off to run the same three errands I always run (mailing swaps, depositing my check, returning library books) and go to the spa. :)