January 8th, 2007



Hello to new readers alethea_eastrid, bardsong, and water_childe!

Ouch. The hot tub yesterday helped temporarily - and, indeed, what's got me today is the allover ache, not the specific deep-muscle ache.

This Week
If I don't already have plans with you, I am not making any... I'm sorry, I'm just seeing my chunks of time vanish, and I need to save a few. Right now I've just got today and tomorrow morning.

Ideas for fun science experiments that ian_gunn and I can have the kids do at our Hands-On Science panel, please. Preference given to fast, cheap, and easy, and to things that give the kids something to take home.

Posts for next week
Need to post about my writing goals for 2007, why I'm so into scent, a bunch of Shayara stuff...

How would you go about gluing leather to copper?

Other Question
Bostonians - any good independent lingerie stores around here?

Daily Science
Artificial blood!

Daily BPAL
Skipping it today. FYI, though, my Lycaon 5ml is up for swap.
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Writing - XanaDuMalion


I'm getting my office into order. Slowly but surely. Recent purchases from Target = a red wooden holder for bills and mailing supplies, and a recycledcardboard in/out tray.

Order pleases me.

The one flaw of this desk is its lack of drawers, so I'm finding ways around that - keeping index cards, tape, post-its, et cetera in decorative boxes atop the filing cabinets.

The one flaw of this office is its lack of wallspace for the hanging of art. This office is all bookcases and desk and one big window. I'll have to hang the corkboard on the closet door. Most of my art is still in storage in Georgia, but what I have - mostly stuff by friends - I'm leaning on the bookshelves, against other things on my desk-shelves.

Impractical but necessary items on my desk-shelves: Four Buddhas in various poses, in varios materials; Babylon 5 toys; Spooky: The Thing What Squeaks; rubber Kali finger puppet; candles that Elayna made me; various penguins; Swedish Chef finger puppet; quill pen and various pretty inks; my chop; seashells; art by haikujaguar, static_eddie, eilonwy, team_tim...

That's above my desktop. The shelf above my laptop has all of the Mr. Men and Little Miss books; a small rubber chicken that squeezes out, then retrieves, its own egg; dry-erase markers; things to be glued (Elayna has decided that this is the "fix this please, Mommy" pile); three little tins for holding wee things; a purple tart burner (currently scenting my office with pumpkin pie); a spare hairclip; my Hair Shoggoth; a gorgeous work of silver and copper wire and dichroic glass in blues and greens and purples. That last was the first thing I'd bought in years that had no practical use. My birthmother had given me money to spend just on me, and I saw it at an art festival, and I decided that Beauty was just as necessary to my life and my family's life as the conventional necessities.

Above that - binders, many binders, in little racks on the very top of the desk. Nestled in there is a little space that's all Spooky's - the little coffin box she sent my $WINTERHOLIDAY gifts in, Your Personal Penguin, and a rubber skeleton and pumpkin. :)

Yes. Well. *looks around* And too much more to write about, really.

The big thing here is that I need two three-shelf bookcases for upstairs so I can see if I can fit the anthologies that are currently piled in the corner of my office up there. So I can get a small bookcase or table and finally unpack my altar into that space. *decisive nod* And one new file cabinet and some sort of solution for storing larger office necessities, like file folders and paper and printable labels and...

...I have a lot of stuff. *sigh*
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