January 7th, 2007

Everyone here is a crazy person.

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* 8 kids = VERY LOUD. ZOMG.

* When I headed downstairs with my laptop, a chorus of voice: "Don't go!" "Will you still be here in the morning?" Yes, girls, I'll still be here in the morning; I'm sleeping over, too.

* Elayna has clearly not yet reached the age where Mom automatically = uncool. She was not the least bit embarrassed when I jumped into to sing "The Tide is High" with her and Talis. And she hugged me most extravagently.

* Elayna to her new friends: "My dad snores SO loud that he woke me up at three in the morning once. It scared me!!!" I know Adam snores violently loudly. He make the sorts of noises Lovecraft wrote about. What makes me go "Aww" here is that she called him her dad. Years of "Adam" and "my stepdad", and now, yes, he's just "my dad." *glows*

* Pillowfight commemnces. I hear my daughter's voice from upstairs - "I will destroy all who fling their pillows against me!" Yep. That's my daughter.

* Oh, yeah, the sleeping pill worked. Wavery 'song. G'night...
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