January 3rd, 2007


Odin's Day

Hello to new readers chemokitty, hammercock, pnh, and wyrdragon!

Oh, dude. My everything hurts.

Never let your dad push your wheelchair. (Yes, I ended up using a chair at Disney. More on that in a later post, most likely.)

Spooky is my personal penguin. :)

A treat for you
Who's on first?

Daily Science
Remember the gorgeous periodic table poster I posted about a while back? Here. Now you can explore it all interactive-like.

Daily BPAL
Testing Yule decants, and musing about the big updates...

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I will close this post by saying that I am wearing flannel pajamas with flamingos and Christmas-lit trailers on 'em. Life is good.
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Pimpin' - yuki_onna

My husband is crazy.

But we know that already, being as he married me...

Like Adam's horror movie reviews? You're in luck... because he's going to be posting a new review every weekday. Yes, for the entire year. See? Crazy. But fun.

Friend yendi, and enjoy 261 Days of Horror! You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll wonder how the hell half these movies got greenlit!

Adam's journal also features random pop-culture silliness, baseball stuff, Elayna stories... basically, if you read me, you'll love him.

I love him. :)

So go friend him!
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It's next week already! *bounce*

Here is my schedule. Panels I'm on are bolded.

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* No, I'm not on the LJ panels; as you can see, there were scheduling conflicts, and a) I'm a writer before I'm an LJ Personality, so I'm on Reshaping Grimm and Goose like white on rice!, and b) the Fast Track needs me more than the fan-interest track does, frankly. (This'll be my first year doing Fast Track, and I'm really looking forward to it. persis does an amazing job organizing a con-within-a-con for our kids, and I'm thrilled to be part of it! Science! with kids!)

* I haven't scheduled any of my meals yet, so if you're organizing something, let me know.

* Your best chance to see me will be at my party on Saturday night. (Yes, I'm scheduling my party against the Masquerade. Because the Masquerade isn't my thing, and the Drum Circle is, that's why. :) ) If you'll be at the con, let me know, and I'll get you the info.

* That said, feel free to grab me in the halls between panels and drag me aside for coffee, should you see me. I'm aware that not everyone can make it to the party.

* There are way too many of you that I want to hang out with!

* If, when you grab me, I'm on my way to a nap, please release me. I do get tempted to stay and talk when I really should be resting.

So! Who's going? And what panels are you on?

Holy crap, it's only a week and a half away. I need to devise clever experiments for the Hands-On Science panel.

Afternoon miscellany

* I am exhausted.

* It has been a productive day. Did filing, lots of cleaning/tidying/organizing, finished a library book, invoiced my boss-type guy, and... just... lots of organizational tasks.

* And now I want to nap. Hm. Maybe I can get Adam to call and wake me when it's time to head over to Miss Kid's school. (Today's her first day of after-school clubs, and she's getting out after sunset, which we don't like.)

* My cat can't decide how he feels about my new desk. He's not comfortable on it yet.

* I need a new file cabinet and at least two shelving units.

* m0usegrrl will be here in a week! Expect bursts of creativity on both of our parts. *hugs mousie*

* I'll be going to the post office tomorrow to send off my end of a swap... any BPALers want to swap or buy, since I'm going? List is here.

* Now I go read another library book. They're due the day before Mousie gets here. *nod*

* Holy crap next week is gonna be crazy. "Off the hook", as the kids say. *falls over*