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yendi and I just got back from "In the Director's Chair with M. Night Shyamalan". That was pretty awesome. Essentially, it was Joel Siegel interviewing him in New York, with a realtime Q & A from the 20? 30? theaters in the country that this was going out to. We felt l33t.

It was all-around nifty... because he's just such a cool guy! We really liked him, really enjoyed listening to him talk.

The thing I'm writing about here, though, is collaboration. He was talking about the actors he worked with, and difficult scenes... "And he killed it! He nailed it!" Just his glee there.

And even moreso, his collaboration with his composer, who's worked with him on all four films. Basically, it's a true collaboration - where the composer's choice will influence Night to shift things in the movie, which would effect more changes in the score, until it's perfect, it's magic. He brings him in at the very beginning, when he just has the script, and it's Night's ideas, his passions about the movie, that create the score.

So of course I thought about m0usegrrl.

Because I could not work with anyone else. Because this is how we work, she and I. It's not just "Napalm has auburn hair, grey-in-green eyes, go draw him." No. When we first did the character concept art, we sat down at my kitchen table, and I talked for hours, and she just drew, drew, drew. Not based on the auburn hair and the grey-and-green eyes. But based on what kind of person he was, his friendship with Johnathan, his protectiveness of Lyric, etc. *laugh* She knew him most when I told her how he introduces himself: "Aisling Fisher. Napalm. I blow shit up." She just said YES YES YES! and got it perfect. Nailed it. Fenris? Nailed him.

Which is so damn exciting. So exciting. Glee!

The method of storytelling is very similar. Comics and movies. Which is why I related so much to what Night was saying about his process. These are movies in my head that I am trying to show people! It's the same.

It was soooo nifty to see the similarities there.

And I was writing something before that started that absolutely knocked my socks off, so of course I want to call her and tell her all about it, dammit! But you don't call people after 10 PM; it's rude.


EDIT: Oh, and this icon is from the page where she so completely nailed one of the most important images in the entire series and I love her and am so glad to have her as my partner!

ALSO EDIT: And I remembered that she's in SF now and it isn't after 10 there! So I called and told her about the scene and stuff and she went "woo!" and damn, I miss her, but I'll see her at the wedding...
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