December 29th, 2006



And let's see about a return to format, shall we?

Hello to new readers bridgetminerva and bodhifox!

One of these days, I need to try to remain in my head enough during sex to analyze certain things. Particular muscle groups tire and start to ache in each position. Need to do an ergonomics study to plan out the optimal sequence of positions to alternate muscle groups, give recovery time.


So yeah. Muscles in my chest, back, arms, and legs are all protesting today. I have popped a Tramadol, which has dulled the pain enough to allow me to function. I don't regret a second of it, mind you. :)

I was kept awake last night by the coughing - and by the realization that the program I'm being paid to write for is the perfect way to write out the Purges. Pour everything out, then Tetris it. And compress it for the Primer.

That's what I'll be doing today. Obnoxious kid is here again today - third day in a row - so I'll be doing it at Starbucks. Out of phone contact. E-mail me if you need me.

Research topic for the new year
Mitochondrial DNA.

...what? Stop looking at me like that.

I love Jonathan Carroll's blog.
Yes, it might take some of the mystery out of life but to tell you the truth, I'm exhausted by the mysteries I must confront daily and I assume you are too.

Daily Science
The COROT instrument will make it possible, with a method called stellar seismology, to probe the inner structure of the stars, as well as to detect many extrasolar planets, by observing the periodic micro-eclipses occurring when these bodies transit in front of their parent star.

Daily BPAL
There is no Daily BPAL, because all my shiny new stuff (Lab order and, yes, Yule decants) is up in Boston. *sigh* So, this: Last night I wore Blood Moon because it is sex. Today, I am wearing Torture King, to best channel Fenris. When I see enderfem (tonight? tomorrow night?) I'll let her choose my scent. :)

Friday memeage!
BPAL Treat tee (thanks, lightgatherer!), jeans, Supergirl socks, Hello Kitty panties.

Brainiac, by Ken Jennings; Changeling, by deliasherman; and Alpha and Omega: The Search for the Beginning and End of the Universe , by Charles Seife (thanks, ian_gunn!)

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Friday Audience Participation

I'm doing a Fast-Track panel at Arisia on six-word stories. Fast-Track = kids.

I am the only person scheduled on this panel. I have to do this totally alone. Dude.


Please give me some six-word stories to seed their wee brains. *gazes up at you entreatingly* Pretty please.
Writing - XanaDuMalion

writerbrain re: the Purges

Yay! I am doing something right!

Going through the various snippets and mindmapping them on my new toy was indeed very helpful - because I'm seeing where my strongest writing is.

I'm rock solid on Capri and Ryan, on Jessa and Marcus, on Alanna and Jeramie. And, recently, the Telenias. So. Those are my anchor points.

I need to strengthen Kieran. But I only recently (last-year recently, not last-week recently) really got a handle on him, so I have faith that the next Kier-thing I write will be solid.

Feels good to be writing again. I went too long without. Writing, yes, but nothing of substance.

Speaking of past writing... I think I've written more about the Purges than about any other event. More on the Purges than about the big climactic battle, or the creation of the Dasaroi, or... anything. Probably because there are so many perspectives on it. More than anything else (save that battle), it touches every character, and they will carry the scars of that night through the entire series. (Save Julia, but she bears her own scars, and uses them as armor.) So it's important to Get It Right, Dammit.

I feel like I'm doing things in the proper order now. *laugh* Which is Of The Good.

Oh, yes. Big Shayara news in '07. :)

Letters sent

Dear Sister:

I am sick of essentially babysitting that hideous brat. She is undisciplined (and I have a baseball bat that'll fix that), annoying, and drags Elayna's behavior down. This is three straight days. Keep her home.

Dear Mother:

I am thirty-two years old. Not since I was five have I been able to go through a bookstore in under half an hour. You really should be used to this by now.

(Dear Husband:

I bought The Machine's Child. Take it off your wishlist.)

Dear Family:

Enough already. You people suck.

Dear Dad:

Thank you for being willing to drop Elayna and the whiny bitches off at home and come back for me an hour later, thereby giving me much-needed browsing and cooldown time. Also thank you for the ride to Starbucks earlier; I got a nice chunk of paying work done.

Dear enderfem:

Really really looking forward to you rescuing me from this tomorrow. :)

Dear Elayna:

D00d. Act your age. Be a role model for the brat. Don't act down to her level.

Also? Practice your flute tomorrow.

Also also? I love you and appreciate your general maturity.

Yes, I have already said all of this to the faces of everyone involved. Except I used different terminology for my sister. And didn't actually say "whiny bitches" to Dad. And the notes to Adam and enderfem are appearing here for the first time.

Otherwise, yeah.

I am not being a passive-aggressive bitch, is what I am saying.

Unlike my mother.

Now I am going to go for a walk to continue cooling down (neck, shoulders, and upper back are flaring like whoa - stress response much?), and then I am going to go to bed. I need my sleep. Because enderfem has an Idea and Plans, and I am a bit frightened, but figure that I'll need my rest for whatever it is. :)
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