December 27th, 2006


Stone table and uncomfortable chairs

This house looks like a show home. It is perfect and spartan and precise. The pictures on the walls are all posed, not candid. The scarves are draped over the valances just so. One would expect the few books on display to be the big leatherbound Reader's Digest Condensed things they use to line the shelves in model homes.

There's a big stone table in the dining room. You could kill Aslan there.

I find myself conforming to my mother's OCD housekeeping when I'm here, just a bit. I put my toiletries in the drawers instead of scattering them over the countertop.

But I have a big untidy pile of books on the dresser.

Mom wanted perfect model-home children. But she's learning to deal with me.

This is my winter vacation. I have nothing to do here but rest, read, and write - which is why I came here instead of going home, where I'd be distracted by stuff to do around the house and feel guilty about not going to yoga and not going out exploring.

Rest, read, and write. And a walk every day.
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Elayna 2006

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I have always appreciated Elayna's maturity, intelligence, and general excellent behavior.

But there's nothing to make me appreciate it even more like being forced to spend the entire day with my sister's boyfriend's obnoxious nine-year-old-niece.


*hugs and kisses her daughter* I so won the kid-lottery.
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