October 23rd, 2006


Monday - T Minus 1 Day!

Hello to new readers tammy212 and weds!

My body rather crapped out on me for a while yesterday. Where "for a while" means "at about noon". I hauled myself through the day with force of sheer will. Pain levels are still tolerable*, and I have Tramadol if they escalate.

(*One of the upfuckeries of disability = evaluating how much pain one can tolerate before reaching for various levels of medication. Sitting there with pain that would once have been unthinkable and going, "This I can manage. It's not as bad as when I get the spiky pain and stiffness in my neck.")

Brain drugs are still holding. Dude - I could never have managed this move on Trileptal.

Ze Plan
* Movers get here ~9 to pack what we haven't gotten to. We left the dishes and electronics for them, and the framed art.
* Kires gets here at ~10:30
* Kires and I go get the truck
* Adam and I have our anniversary dinner at Baccanalia. :)

And tomorrow, movers get here around 9 to load the truck. And then Kires and I, we go. Vroom.

Daily Science
A team of researchers reports that by applying a sequence of chemicals to human embryonic stem cells in a culture dish, it has grown layers of cells similar to pancreatic tissue in a young embryo. Such cells may eventually be suitable for treating diabetes.

Is no Daily BPAL today. Is just packing like a madwoman. Bye!
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Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

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Aaaaaagh omigod movers are here packin' stuff. And they are packing everything, and I am trying to not be a control freak. And failing. Miserably.

Aaaagh. *twitch* *twitch* People are touching my stuff!!!
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Dib - delicious

Foodie Like Whoa

Adam and I celebrated two years of marriage, and our victory at achieving escape velocity from Atlanta, at Bacchanalia tonight. Behold, the dinner post!

amuse bouche from the pastry chef
Cheesy poof, just like last time. I'm certain that this has an actual name, but I never catch it. It is flaky, with creamy tanginess. *happy sigh*

To Drink
'song: Whistler Shiraz
Adam: Troubadour Stout

amuse bouche from the chef
Garlic & potato soup, with a garlic chip, in demitasse cups. Delicious. So rich.

'song: Vegetable jambalaya with carolina gold rice. The pepper just wafted up from this! Ground pepper, and tiny jalapeno slices. The first spoonful was a mild scorcher, but I became accustomed to it quickly, and yum. :)

Adam: Diver scallop and oyster chowder. A perfect chowder with perfectly fresh scallops and a huge oyster in the middle. :)

Main Course
'song: Pan roasted venison with heirloom sweet potato, fennel, and sultana. I had never before eaten Bambi. (You can take that any way you like.) I never used to be this adventurous about food - it's something I picked up from Adam. :) But I decided to try a new meat tonight, and I'm glad. :) This was very flavorful, nicely crispy 'round the outside, and served in 'song-sized slices. The sweet potato was roasted as well, and in tiny slices.

Adam: Squab with seared foie gras, grits, and fig preserve. Adam is a grits man. :) I tried his squab, and found it to be nice and juicy, but flavorwise it paled next to the venison. He ate all the foie gras before I could get a forkful! Adam sez: "Yeah. Foie gras was real good. Fig preserve was also good." (He's making his foodie-post tomorrow, and hadn't gathered his thoughts yet.)

Cheese and contrast
'song: Selection of cheese from Star Provisions. They offer four cheeses - cow, goat, sheep, and blue. I'm not a blue-cheese person, so I always sub in a different cheese. New this time - a cheese cart! They roll the cheese to your table! Whee! Um. So. I got the following:
Appleby's Cheshire (cow)
Schloss (cow)
Tarantaise de Savoie (goat)
Abbey de Belloc (sheep)
The Schloss was the most distinctive - neither Adam nor I could figure out if we liked it, but we agreed that it was complex and fascinating! We both loved the Tarantaise, which was very dense and earthy, and the sweet nutty Abbey de Belloc. I love cheese courses - I love anything that lets me sample little bits of lots of things. :) Also had a shmear of blackberry something, two olives, honey, and a piece of date-walnut loaf.

Adam: Sweet Grass dairy fresh chevre with Pink Beauty radish and local eggplant crostini. He loves chevre in general, and this was no exception, and he says the radishes were "so damn sweet".

amuse bouche from the chef
Cardamom-saffron fritter with lemon pickle. I skeptically handed Adam my tiny lemon pickle, then excitedly dug into the wee fritter.

Oh my hell.

I want two dozen of these to go.

I love cardamom. So much. And of course I love saffrom. And oh.... so rich and dense, and the flavors play against each other so well... I lost my nice-restaurant composure and gushed to the waiter, "This is freakin' amazing!"

'song: Crispy pumpkin ice cream with spice tuille. Which = fried spicy pumpkin ice cream (glee!) with whipped cream and toasted pumpkin seeds. Happy 'song!

Adam: Ruby-red grapefruit tart with rosemary ice cream. He'll type about it tomorrow.

compliments of the restaurant
A mini dulce de leche cake in honor of our anniversary. :) It had a citrus taste to it, so I just had the one forkful, but Adam loved it.

amuse bouche from the pastry chef
Pumpkin bonbons and almond sugar cookies, two of each.

Let me describe to you these bonbons. Small ziggurats of dark chocolate, topped with little cascades of green - ground roasted pumpkin seeds.


I ate my almond cookie first, and found it to be yummy. Then the main event.

Ohmyhellohmyhell. Yes, I made orgasm faces.

I can't quite describe it. There were two different pumpkin things going on there - and I know I keep saying "dense" and "rich", but this was. This was lavish. And really good dark chocolate. And the ground seeds lent something to it texturally (the crunch) and well as tastewise (salty/nutty bit). Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

And with the check, citrus madeleines fresh from the oven.

*falls over, stuffed*

Will type about non-food stuff tomorrow. Bed now!
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