October 20th, 2006

Chai-Hulud - feliciaelena

Friday! - T minus 4 Days!

Happy early birthday to techempage, who advances a year over the weekend!

Ow. Ow. Fucking ow.
harkalark reminded me last night that I'd neglected to update you on Elayna's condition. Thankfully, she's now fine... daily dose of Clarinex and a few days of rest cleared up her cold/virus/whatever, and the tummyache was probably from swallowing snot, and she hasn't had trouble breathing again, but she has an inhaler now and knows how to use it. *nod*

Mousie's coming to Arisia! Go tell her what sort of art you'd like to see from her at the art show.

This'll be the first time I've seen her in years. We are both very excited. :)

Daily Science
Hopes that the Moon's South Pole has a vast hoard of ice that could be used to establish a lunar colony are sadly unfounded, a new study says. :(

Daily BPAL
Finally got the CnS for my 8/31 order.

They have it coming to *this* address.

Yes, I contacted them weeks ago and sent them the new address. They're sending it here anyway. NYARGH. I just hope it gets here by Wednesday...

Chaos Theory III CCLXXXIV (from storme)
In bottle: Ooooh.... coffee with thick rich bitter dark chocolate. It's almost tactile - I can feel/taste a flow of dark chocolate.

On me: The same, but there's something else there that makes it less liquid. My first response: "Dark chocolate coffee Kit-Kat!"

Chaos Theory III LXXXIV (from cissa)
In bottle: Something fruity, but hard to ID...

On me: Sweet and fruity and a little bit of musk... I enjoy Chaos Theories, but it drives me crazy that I don't have a list of notes! I'll be going around all day muttering "What is that?"

And with that, I am once again temporarily out of imps to try. Which is just as well, since I won't have time to play with scents until I'm firmly ensconsced in my new home. Where I will have my Carnival Diabolique decants and, hopefully, my Lab order very soon.

Today, I pack like the devil; I pack like a packing thing! I would pop in a dildo joke here, but I'm not awake enough for that.
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