October 17th, 2006


Tew's Day - T minus 7 days!

Hello to new readers caitygrl96 and sofiaviolet!

* Brain drugs continue to not impair me to the extent to which I was impaired by previous brain drugs. Except as regards grammar, apparently. *eyes above sentence* *decides she needs more coffee*
* Pain levels are mild to moderate; I forced myself to have a less physically-active day yesterday, devoting the day to handling crap over the phone and packing just a few boxes. I will attempt to balance this today - attempt to determine where the line is without actually busting through it and keeping on.
* Appointment this morning with my primary care doc! Last appointment with her. I'm going to ask about raising the Cymbalta dosage, getting prescription pain meds for the really bad days, and getting a three-month prescription for my assorted meds so I have time to find a doctor once I hit Boston. *decisive nod*
* Elayna's sick. :( Just garden-variety kidsickness, but I'm taking her in to the doctor because she is clearly too dragged out to function well in school today (she came home sick yesterday).

Today I Must
* Call back U-Haul and Medical Records - done
* Get Elayna's medical records
* Take books to Book Nook
* Get boxes from muse0ffire
* Exchange Elayna's broken backpack
* Pack, pack, pack!

Link Soup
* Set your TiVos! Hellboy cartoon debuts on the 28th!
* Trailer for Pan's Labyrinth
* If you have a daughter? Watch this with her.

Daily Science
The scientific reasons for having sex.

Daily BPAL
cissa is a BPAL angel of mercy! Here is an imp from cissa.

Seduction: Passion, sensuality, romance, sexual sensitivity.

In bottle: Waugh! Floral like whoa!

On me: Overpoweringly chemical-floral; Elayna detects an aftersmell of suntan lotion, and she's right. I do no like it. She does, though.

...and it's too overpowering for me to smell anything else, so that's your only review for today! *laugh*
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Everyone here is a crazy person.

(no subject)

Me: *lifts floral wrist to Adam's nose*
Adam: "Wow." *makes face"
Me: "I checked the forum - that's ylang ylang."
Adam: *grins*
Me: "...not Ling Ling."
Adam: "They should so make a Drawn Together line."

Okay, so - imagine a Drawn Together BPAL series!

Ling Ling: Ozone notes, with the narcotic tang of disappointment

(You go next.)
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Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

Because it can't all be good news

Elayna's cough/tummyache/chestache/occasional difficulty breathing/stuffyrunnynose/etc.?

Could be asthma, could be pneumonia. Chest X-ray tomorrow if she's not feeling better after a Claritin and a few hits of albuterol.

Because it's just not a trans-state move without a major childhood illness.


My life can stop being exciting now.

*goes forth to nap*
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Okay. So. This is the point in the move where I get completely nonfunctional, due to the blend of

a) unexpected stuff (Elayna-wise)
b) emotional impact of leaving a place I've spent five years in a love-hate relationship with
c) staring down the clock

and, new for this move, my physical brokenness.

Everything will get done. I know it will - I can actually look around me and see progress and know that things can be accomplished by deadline (though unexpectedly losing an entire day, like I did today, is impact-y).

But it's at the cost of my sanity. Temporarily, at least. I can't concentrate on anything, and I feel ready to snap.

So be gentle with the Shadesong, please. At times I will need cuddling. At times I will need to be left entirely alone.

...I can't think to finish this post.

A week from right now, I'll be in a U-Haul, probably somewhere around North Carolina.
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Elayna 2006

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...and my daughter is singing Weird Al's "Trapped in the Drive Thru" in the shower.

I feel a little better now.
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