October 16th, 2006


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I don't have anything like a normal sleep schedule anymore. It seems that I was subconsciously using the Trileptal to regulate it; about 15 minutes after taking Trileptal, I was bitchslapped by exhaustion, so I would take Trileptal about 15 minutes before bedtime. My current cocktail doesn't have that effect on me. So I have to fall asleep like a normal person for the first time in years.

It is taking some getting used to.

I spent today alternately packing and being horizontal. Also, we went to Java Jive, possibly for the last time.

This will be our last full week in Atlanta.

I'm off to try to get some sleep now...
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Happy birthday to desayunoencama!

Hello to new reader edanya!

Still shaky and worn out from Saturday. *sigh* It's hard to figure out where the line is when it keeps shifting...
I will survive.

Today I Must
* Call U-Haul to reschedule truck pickup for 10/23 - done; waiting for callback
* Get movers for load-in on 10/24 - done
* Get movers for load-out on 10/26 - done
* Car/life/renter's insurance changeover - done
* Get medical records - progress
* Reorganize library so we have a clear going-to-charity pile
* Um. Pack stuff!
* Make that list for Elayna
* Get e-mail mailbox down to 300 messages, at least.

Poor emu!
For mgrasso: Cops Gun Down Emu.

You must read this.
Nextwave #1. Nextwave is the most wonderfully fucked up comic in, um... ever.

I need a backpack.
A purse-sized one. Just big enough to tote a journal and a paperback and stuff. I like this one, but, y'know, monies.

Ah. Reason for need rather than want? My purse is aggravating my fibro, because I carry it on only one side of my body, so the unevenness causes the muscles to go all.... crap, I dunno. It hurts. And even weight distribution is supposed to help.

I do not like being so freakin' delicate.

Daily Science
Methamphetamine may protect the brain after a stroke, according to new research in rats and gerbils.

Daily BPAL
felician_logic is a godsend. Sick of waiting for me to get my delayed Lab order, she decided I needed Schwarzer Mond now, so she sent me some. :)

Schwarzer Mond: The keeper of secrets: opoponax, Tunisian black amber, night musk, antique patchouli, zdravetz, terebinth, myrrh, and Pimenta racemosa.

In bottle: The sweetness of myrrh... other things reaching up and blending with it.

On me: Ooooh. Smooth spicy goodness. The amber lurks under it as a base for the wisps for spice. This is lickable. Very masculine. Very...yum. Were I to meet someone who was wearing this, I would want to pin them down and do... oh, many things to them. Mmmm. I keep sniffing my wrist! Sweet and spice and musk and... this is dark. I am so glad I have a bottle of this coming.

Doc Constantine: Sheer musk, cedar smoke, fir needle, black amber and leather.

In bottle: Very *fresh*. Mostly the fir, I suppose.

On me: The leather rushes out right away. I don't get any amber. I get leather and cold, the hint of smoke and musk. As I said before, this scent is the Telenias, the inverse of Torture King, which is Fenris's scent in his mind. Fenris is half-feral. Telenias is contained, a man dwelling in the heart of a terrible secret. He wears the leather of the Kirayth, but he always stands slightly apart, grave and composed.
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This is when I wish I had a cell phone. So I could be on hold with two places at once. *disgusted pfft*

More places need to run via e-mail rather than phone.

Me: "Hi, I'm moving, and I need my medical records."

Clinic: "Okay, you can fax a request..."

Me: "I don't have a fax machine."

Clinic: "..."

Me: "..."

Clinic: "...I don't know how else you could get them. Hold on a second."

Me: *is on hold again*

Clinic: "Okay. You could mail in a request? Or you could drop by."

Me: "I have an appointment tomorrow, actually."

Clinic: "Okay. Just tell them you want your records."

Me: "What's the turnaround time on that?"

Clinic: "About two weeks."

Me: "..."

Clinic: "They have to copy them."

Me: "Okay. Can they get the records of *all* the [Coca-Cola U] doctors I've seen? Or just those at the Clinic?"

Clinic: "Oh, you can get all of 'em. Just tell them that."

So. Two weeks. Dammit. I wish I'd thought to call earlier. The bright part, however, is that this is apparently one-stop shopping - that I don't have to run all over campus.

Now I have to go be on hold with Radiology (I want a copy of my MRI films - I have a copy of my previous set), then moving companies.

EDIT: Radiology can put all of my stuff on CD. Brain, back, all my MRIs. On CD. I don't have to haul around massive packages of films.


We live in the future!
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Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

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I love Boston, but I hate moving!

Today's reason: Being on the phone from the time I woke up (second waking) to, well, now, sussing out mover-stuff and insurance and everything. And medical-records stuff. (I called the department directly, seimaisin, and left a message - thanks!)

An hour on the phone with State Farm! But he totally walked me through everything I have to do re: the car once I get up there, and I am verra grateful. (I have life and renter's insurance with them, too, so it wasn't an hour just talking about the car.) (But it was mostly about the car.)

And now I have a fierce headache, which is likely partly due to the fact that I haven't eaten since 6 AM, so I'm going to finally get some lunch.
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