October 12th, 2006


Thor's Day

Taking the meds now. Morning post = great reminder! Pain levels are still moderate, as one would expect. I tried to have a low-impact day yesterday.

Teh Packing
Once I finish the filing and we finish the comics project, I can put a big huge Done stamp on the entire downstairs. This should hopefully happen today.

Teh Yard Sale
Oh, help. I have no idea how to price things! The books are going at 50 cents for MMPB, $1 for TPB, and $2 for HB - more for gaming books, but I'm not sure how much. I need to come up with prices for lots and lots of clothing. And other stuff, but there's so much clothing; it overwhelms me. How much do people charge for things at yard sales?

And I have to make signs, and my handwriting sucks - the brain drugs screwed up my fine motor skills. (And my gross motor skills, actually.) But Adam's sucks worse.

Any of you yard sale mavens?

Song of the Day
"Desperado", as covered by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.

You're welcome. :)

Daily Science
New images from the Cassini space probe show Saturn being adorned by a 60,000-kilometer (37,000-mile) "string of pearls", NASA scientists announced.

...yep. That's what they said.

There are so many jokes to be made here that I'm just kinda sitting here in awe.

Daily BPAL
And There Was a Great Cry in Egypt: Dark myrrh, white sandalwood, amber, hyssop, frankincense, honey, cypress, red musk, cardamom and saffron.

In bottle: Slightly resiny and bitter. Much lighter than I expected.

On me: I think it's the cypress that's riding high here. I detect red musk underneath. No honey, which makes me sad. Is hyssop supposed to be bitter? Maybe it's the hyssop...

Hrm. If this doesn't improve on drydown... I'll have a 75%-full bottle up for swap or sale. *sigh* It was worth a try...

I still have F5 up for swap or sale.
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Dib - delicious

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Dear locals:

I have Girl Scout cookies.

If you bring me boxes - especially those Xerox paper boxes that are good for books - I will pay you in Girl Scout cookies.

Thin Mints. Samoas. Et cetera. You know you want some. Please raid your office for paper boxes. I have a lot of books!
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Buy our stuff!!

This will be the furniture and stuff post, and then there will be a clothing post.

Pictures beneath of 3 desks, 2 chests of drawers, 1 end table that represents another end table and a coffee table, 1 of the three wire DVD racks, 2 comforters/duvets (one with a matching shelf), pewter Celtic-knotwork goblets, pewter-and-glass champagne flutes (dragons that interlock to make a heart), and a Lenox platter. Not necessarily in that order. I've been up photographing stuff and doing laundry since 6 AM.

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Buy my clothes!

This is all dresses and business suits, and the infamous leather/suede suit. I photographed things as best I could, but they don't look near as good on the hanger as they do on a person. Which is why I was trying to get them photographed on me. But the camera died. And I don't have time for this stuff.

You guys get first dibs on this stuff. I'll ship any of this and the goblets and champagne flutes from the previous post; furniture is, of course, locals-only.

Sizes range from 0 to 8P.

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Okay, pictures taken, posts made, you guys get one day before it all goes to Craigslist. Make me an offer.

I am so freakin' tired. I am going back to bed.

EDIT: Dude, I am so glad Misk U is in the general catalog now. Because I just accidentally sloshed a bunch over my hand and onto the floor.

I mopped it up with the jewelry pouch I keep my pillbox in, so my purse will smell like Misk U, so it wouldn't be entirely wasted. But poo. :( And yeah, that's my current level of coordination. Definitely naptime.

Another bit found in the filing...

"It was an accident," Sara said softly. Looking away. Looking across the patio at Kaylin-girl, the closest she'd have to a child of her own. "A...difficult miscarriage. Left scars."

"Sara, forgive me, but - that sounds rehearsed."

"Well, it's not the first time I've said it."

"You know what I mean."
Everything hurts/Doesn't work

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...I am in so much pain right now.

Yes, irana, I rested, and will again...but. Ugh. I am having pain in muscles I didn't know I had. This is the joy of fibro - every day's an anatomy lesson!

I got probably half the filing sorted, which is, yes, a major accomplishment. (It was in a towering stack. Yes, towering. About two yaffa crates' worth. This is what happens when someone who's naturally inclined towards organization gets stricken down by brainfuckery and fatigue for three years. Now I just have the fatigue. And the pain. But I have a deadline.) And irana came over and helped us decide how to price stuff for the yard sale. Rather, she told us. But that's good. :)

And I packed another three boxes of books.

Now Adam is making me red beans and rice, because I should eat food. Then I will lie down again. Because it hurts.
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