October 10th, 2006


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to kungfoogirl!

The usual.

I missed him so much. We are... very close. Symbiotic, almost. *laugh*

I have my address now. It is all so very real. Adam found a wonderful house, and he handed me the key, and now I have the address. I am... sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop! But then I remind myself that the other shoes have been showering down around me for the past three years. Time for my reward.

Ooooh, shiny...
New Vess art.

Today's Plan
Finish filing stuff so I can put a DONE stamp on my office.
Pack my secondary closet - take out skirts I want to sell via eBay and Craigslist.
Work on the Primer.
Nap when tired.
Tonight, with Adam, list stuff on eBay and Craigslist, and do The Comics Project.

Daily Science
...leopard geckos—more formally known as Eublepharis macularius—provide the clearest example of how the early environment can sculpt the brain and affect sexual desire.

Daily BPAL
Hexennacht: This perfume is the scent of the witches’ revel: German fir and forest herbs, incense and bonfire smoke, and the wet, glimmering scent of skin warmed by dance.

In bottle: Tree-y, with a hint of light musk.

On me: Oh, thank goodness something in this goes chemical-y on me, because it would be pricey to hunt down if I fell in love with it!

(Thanks for the sniffie, gegenschein!)

Hoping for more BPAL today... I have a bunch due. I don't have the CnS from BPAL or BPTP (pled Trick), but I have swaps and a purchase that are due... need to give my decant-circle person my Boston address.
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Answers and question

Re: cardboard allergy: Doing okay so far; just a bit of itchiness, no welts. I'm doing my best to avoid contact with the edges of the boxes. Like the medical adhesive allergy, this is one that intensifies with extended contact, so I expect nastiness by the end of the move, but - so far, so mostly-good!

Re: cake: here's the recipe. :)

And the questions, for Bostonians:

Adam pointed out that we could hire a mover at that end of the trip just to unload the truck. Which could be worth it, just so y'all don't throw your backs out getting the sofa up those stairs. Anyone have any recommendations or warnings?
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Julia - XanaDuMalion


Just in case my situation and posts haven't made this amply clear...

I am a tangly hyper soppy amazed stressed emotional mess right now.

I have been holding the "Yes we are going to Boston, yes it WILL HAPPEN" thing in place for over a year, supporting everyone's faith, plowing through all sorts of barriers, and omigawds it finally happened and I can release the iron determination that carried a whole raft of people and oh hells I am so tired and ach, there is so much to do and I'm the one who has to do 90% of it, and y'know, Atlanta is not entirely evil and this is a huge, huge change, not just a physical shift but an emotional one, and I may never see some of these people again, and I have to learn a new place now, and omigawds the packing, and it's too much...

So. Yeah. Expect bursts of joy and bursts of tears and bursts of hard determination. Expect to have to sit me down and make me take breaks, because my mind is racing and my body is trying to keep up, and messages aren't quite making it between the two. Please don't expect anything from me for the next two weeks, communication or projects or anything, because what I have on my plate is a job for three, four, people - healthy people - and it's just me here, and it has to get done, so all I can do is work work work and try not to break myself in the process.

And... yeah. That's where I am right now.
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Talthar Kithrayna

...one more...

"You don't know what it was like, Kier. You were locked up safe in the Library. Kristian and Jeramie and I were herded into House Bartomn, and she made us watch. She killed my lover. She killed him, and then she gave the orders to kill half the city, and then she fucking hit on me."

Afternoon miscellany

* Reading the reviews of the Trick or Treat scents on the forum is making me all whimpery. I did enter into the Inquisition. And pled Trick, of course. :) Was hoping for Trick #1, but someone compared Trick #2 to my beloved Storyville, so I'd love that! I'd also love to try Treat #2, but think Treat #1 sounds too pink and sugary.

I cannot afford to enter another plea. Not at all. The next five days will be torturous, knowing that I *can* whip out the credit card and get more, but that I am not allowed to. It'll be easier when they're no longer available. I'll just have to hope people sell them at not-outrageous prices.

And dammit, some info on the Pumpkin Queen component issue would be nice. I'd like to know whether I need to give them my new address. (And it would be nice if they gave extra frimpage to people whose orders were held up by this.)

* Went to liquor store. Got about a dozen boxes. Yay me!

* Did a chunk of filing. Found all the scattered ownership-of-my-car stuff, which is Of The Good.

* Discovered that yes, comic boxes are too heavy for fibro'song to lift.

* Requested estimate from Gentle Giant movers (thanks for the unanimous recommendations, guys!). They want a $200 nonrefundable deposit. Nyerk. *fusses* "Our hourly rate on 10/25 is $139/hr which includes the cost for 2 movers. We do have a 2-hour minumum, with any time thereafter pro-rated to the nearest quarter hour. Therefore, you would be charged at least $278. Providing that the access is good at the new location, we estimate the items that you need moved could take 2 movers 2-4 hours. Final charges are based on the actual time and materials required to complete this move."

*is frozen in budgetary 'splosion*

People who've used them - are they okay with people jumping in and working alongside them? Or are they like "No! This is our job!" to get maximum money? Because if the former, I could maybe see doing this - I can carry some boxes, and even bookcases (half) and bed parts, and I have a bunch of y'all coming over, so we could get it done in two hours, maybe. And just... we can haul boxes and bookcases and CD towers, and let them do the sofa and dressers. Yeah? *frets*

* Shayara bits I posted weren't written today, incidentally; just stuff that jumped out in the filing process. (When not this stressed, I write all the time, everywhere, on everything, so I have quite the collection of story snippets on napkins, hotel scratchpads, et cetera.)

Okay. Gonna check the mail again (still not here), and then do some more filing. Sanely breaking that into chunks.

EDIT: Mail included... maybe all of my outstanding swaps/purchases, save the Lab/Trading Post orders. Yay! EDIT: Also save the CD decants, which I knew weren't done being decanted yet, and the Halloweenie/OoTD decants, which are hung up at the Lab because the order includes Pumpkin Queen.
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