October 3rd, 2006


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to brokensiren!

I'm managing. Bumping up on the Lyrica today, for the final time; let's home that this helps control the seizures! It certainly isn't helping the pain. I have an appointment with my primary care doc in two weeks... may try to see her earlier, to get up to the standard dosage on the Cymbalta.

Gay Rights
I'm with Alice on this one.

Opportunity to do good
Sponsor someone in the Race for the Cure! Friend of a friend.

Daily Science
Having developed an “iconic” sonification system, scientists at SSL are getting ready to analyze data from a pair of spacecraft, called STEREO A & B, that will study coronal mass ejections and solar winds. Each category of data collected by STEREO (like different energies of solar particles, or the rate at which they hit a detector) is assigned a sound quality (like a note on the scale, or degree of volume), with each instance of a particular data point producing its respective sound quality.

Daily BPAL
Chrysanthemum Moom: ...Her scent is bewitching, almost intoxicating: a sensual incense of crushed mums, red ginger, and pulsing musk....the air is thick with leaden brown opium smoke that hangs thickly over a seductive mixture of red musk, body-warmed perfume, and hypnotic Eastern flowers...

In bottle: Sweet skin musk, a bit of ginger, musky floral.

On me: There is something about this that reminds me so strongly of The Killing Game. Rhyssa's staircase, dark scarred wood twisting upward, her dolls lining the steps, their eyes and mouths sewn shut.

I realize that this descriptions helps none of you. But I'm not getting notes here, I'm getting the visual.

F5: Aloe, white musk, lime peel, fresh mint, seaspray, verbena and green tea.

In bottle: Citrus hell + aloe

On me: Citrus drying down to mostly seaspray, with mint and aloe. It's a good scent, but I don't think I'd ever find myself reaching for it.

F5 is up for swap! This is a full 5ml. In exchange, I'd prefer a bottle of Pink Phoenix, Spooky (yes, I know I'm dreaming), or Dragon's Blood (+ imps). Why? Elayna's enrolled in the forum's Package Pixie swap, and those are her swappee's favorites. :)

If you don't have any of that, I'll never turn down stuff on my wishlist.
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No power in the 'verse...

My Big Happy News

Over the past few days, I composed a number of posts in my head. All the cutesy ways I could announce this.

But fuck it. :)

As of today, Adam is officially the newest employee of a major Boston university.

We're going to Boston.


*squees madly and gigglefits*

So. Yes. Details. The move will take place in 21 days. (We'll be up for Halloween!) No, that does not give us much time at all to pack. Nyargh! So I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off sorting, packing, setting things aside for the yard sale and for charity...

We need a house to rent in Boston.
1. Adam will be flying up this weekend. He needs crashspace! We're looking at houses online and making appointments to see them, but
2. If you know of a place in a good school district that's on/near the Red Line, preferably near the Alewife end of same (yep, we're looking to live in the Camberville/Arlington area, just like the rest of you), dude, let us know. If you're walking by a place with a "For Rent" sign on your way to the Diesel tonight, jot down the number for us, 'k? We are looking specifically in Arlington. Please pro/con me about that and other areas.

We need to pack this house up.
1. Atlantans, if you see boxes lying around at work? Please bring them! Especially those nice sturdy Xerox boxes. We have a lot of books to pack.
2. I've been asked by two people if it's cool to come help me pack. Dude, please! I'm usually up and about by noon - yeah, lucky schedule, I know - but give me a call first so I can put some clothing on. *laugh* I know some people are particular about packing - everything must be Just So - but I'm not one of them. Even if I was, I don't have time to be one of them! Just throw all of that in a box and label it "Living Room", and I'll sort it out when I get there. Okay, pack neatly, not throw, but you get my drift. Anyway. Come on down. I'll put on the new Weird Al album, and we can dance while we pack. I'll order pizza.
3. I could use help pricing things for the yard sale, and Adam could use help running it. October 14, aside from being the only day we can hold our garage sale, is also the day of Elayna's big concert. I gotta be there.

I hate to say this part, so I'm sorta burying it, but - moving is expensive, and a number of you have asked for a PayPal button. I don't know how to make a button, and it takes up too much real estate on the post - I hate the idea of asking for money! Even though people asked me for the option. Y'know? So if you want to chip in on the Get The Gojirawitzes to Boston Fund, send precious monies to shadesong AT livejournal.com.

Thank the gods my brainfog's dissipated, y0. I need full mental capacity to manage all of this!

So yeah. I'm ecstatic. We're ecstatic. I'm relieved that I can finally talk about it. The tide of change is so strong - it's exhilarating to move with it!

We're going to Boston.


*dances around the kitchen, giggling madly*

EDIT: Adam made a button.

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Elayna & Mommy laughing

(no subject)

Side note:

Said Major Boston University not only has 75% tuition reimbursement for children of employees...

They have it for spouses, too.

And hey! they have a neuroscience program.

Once the dust of moving settles, and once we have the money to cover that 25%?

I'm going back to school, y'all. :)

(And I ain't stopping til you can call me Dr. 'song.)
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Zoe & Wash - by kylakae


Just one more post, then I'll stop cluttering your friendslist...

Anyone who's ever been in this position knows that looking for a new job is a huge dreadful long drawn-out process. It's brutal. It's disheartening.

And Adam has soldiered on.

With this, he had a phone interview, then a video interview, then finally in-person interviews. All with multiple people. All grueling - not in dealing with the people, as he's liked and clicked with everyone involved. But grueling in the post-interview fear and self-doubt. And your wife can tell you how much you rock every damn day, but you always fear that she's biased. It doesn't count. Nothing counts til you get that offer.

Adam, as I told you on the phone - but I want it "on paper" - you did it. You did it. No nepotism, no I-know-a-guy - you did this entirely by yourself.

They interviewed dozens of people. And you were absolutely, positively, the best man for the job.

And you're the best man I know.

You did it.

I love you.

(I told you so. :) )

Go congratulate my amazing husband. :)
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Voice Post: TIVO Request: VM and GG

249K 1:12
“Guess what? On the night of the premiere of Season Three of Veronica Mars, we have a power outage.

So, any locals who happen to be TIVOing Veronica Mars, and Gilmore Girls, for that matter, please hang onto it for us.

And... yeah. We would really love to see it.

The power company is estimating that our power should be back up around 10. Should it be back on earlier, we will let you know. But, yeah... We're not too happy about that.

Otherwise -- Yay Boston!

And, and, and... let me see if the rest of the family has anything to say besides "Dude, the power's off and that sucks..."

Do you have anything to say beside "Dude, the power's off and that sucks?"

Adam says "Power's off and that really sucks."

Elayna said "I really really hope my battery doesn't..." and then the power came back on.

So, hang onto Veronica Mars for us, just in case, but we'll cross our fingers and hope...”

Transcribed by: jesshartley
Zoe & Wash - by kylakae

Life with 'song and Adam

Scene: 'song and Adam in bed. Both pull out books.

Adam: "What're you reading?"

'song: *brandishes book about fibro*

Adam: "Ah. Fun book?"

'song: "Fabulous."

Adam: "Great characters?"

'song: "Oh, yeah. They're making a Broadway musical out of it, y'know."

Adam: *skeptical look*

'song: "What? They did it with The Vampire Lestat and High Fidelity."

Adam: "Elton John's Fibromyalgia."

'song: "Dude, can you imagine? He'd never shut up."

Adam: "They could do a montage. One song for each symptom. Like Bon Jovi could cover John Cougar Mellencamp - John Mellencamp - wait, he was just John Cougar then."

'song: "Johnny Cougar."

Adam: "John Cougar's "Hurts So Good"."

'song: "Ooooh, good. What about for the fatigue? Oh. Oh!"

Adam: "What?"

'song: "Two birds with one stone. "Up All Night, Sleep All Day". Cover sleep disturbances and fatigue!"

You're welcome to play along at home.
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