September 27th, 2006


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to wispfox!

Hello to new reader ultra_lilac and returning reader stevietee!

Bone-deep aching all over. Was going to volunteer at the book fair today - going to have to skip out on that. :( At least I put in my time there on Friday.

Being achy and weak = very frustrating, dammit.

The Persistence of Story
That's the name of the talisman themaskmaker made me for my hospital stay, which I said I'd post a pic of and never did... well, she took one. :)

(see it bigger here.)

In her words:
The name of the talisman refers both to her nickname, "Story," and to the persistence of stories, of all Story, in the world.

It's a replica of the gate of Shayara, her own city, which you can see on the opening page of her journal (click the link above). I made it from silver paper, card stock, silver thread, beads, and a silver pen nib. The gate is about 1.75 inches tall.

I am honored that she was moved to craft this for me... :)

The Mask of Secrets project is still open...

Daily Science
A map of the mouse brain down to details of individual cells has been completed, the first project of an institute funded by Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul G. Allen, it was announced Tuesday.

The new Allen Brain Atlas is being made available online without cost to neuroscientists studying brain circuits and chemistry, a potential boon to cancer and other disease research because of similarities between the brains of mice and human beings, according to a statement issued by the Allen Institute of Brain Science.

''We want people to use this and make discoveries,'' Dr. Allan Jones, the institute's chief scientific officer, told The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Daily BPAL
Yggdrasil: The World Ash. Nine woods, nine leaves, and three herbs each for Ratatosk and Vidofnir, with three final herbs to placate Nidhogg.

In bottle: I swear I'm getting lotus from this. o_O And crumpled fresh leaves, the juices on your fingers...

On me: Ummm. This is a beautiful light woodsy thing. One of the things I love about BPAL is that they have quite a few scents that are forests, but they're all different forests. There's lots of light in this one. Juniper is here, but in the distance. Silvery-barked birch. That lotus-like smell rises. The scent changes, like your're walking through the forest. Yum. :) EDIT: Oooh, sage on the drydown!

Saint-Germain: ...gilded amber, hypnotic lavender, brash carnation and deep mosses.

In bottle: Something sharp! And then the lavender.

On me: Amber, lavender, and carnation are weird together, at least on me. Wow. This is very different from in-the-bottle, and I do not like it. Elayna has dibs, though, as she loves lavender and carnation.

I am thinking about swapping away my F5. I'll review it later or tomorrow. It's not bad, but I don't think I'll ever wear it. And I may swap my spare Mum Moon - must wear it more and see if I fall in love. I think I'll use one bottle of it, but I don't think I'll use two...

Now to bed. *sigh*
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I'm not having the ambulatory EEG.

Due to their fuckups and communication breakdowns, they failed to get the order in for it in a timely fashion, and now the earliest they can do it is November 20.

With any luck, I'll be the fuck out of here by then. (And I am not cooking Thanksgiving dinner with wires stuck to my head.)

The nurse is going to give me a call back to tell me what's in my chart about the video EEG monitoring and my MRI. The doctor is on vacation. Of course she is. She works so hard. *eyeroll*

So it looks like what I've got is what I've got, datawise. I'll take the video EEG results and my two sets of MRI films up to Boston, slap 'em on the new doctor's table with my descriptions of my seizures, and say "Hi. So. Whaddaya think?"
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Short Chick - khaosworks


Okay, remember how I was taking Celebrex for my tendonitis because other anti-inflammatories cause ulcers, and I already had one? And Celebrex affects the heart? So at some points, I had to double the dosage of Toprol because my heart was getting wacky again because of the Celebrex?

From The Week:

"Gastroenterologist Dr. Michael Wolfe was asked by JAMA in 2000 to review a clinical study of Celebrex, an arthritis drug made by the pharmaceutical giant Pharmacia. Arthritis patients often develop intestinal problems from the drugs they take. But according to the study Wolfe reviewed, patients who took Celebrex for six months had lower rates of stomach and intestinal ulcers than patients who took two other drugs. Impressed, Wolfe wrote a favorable review. But neither he nor JAMA knew that Pharmacia actually had 12 months of data, and that in that longer time frame, there was virtually no difference in the rate of ulcers between Celebrex and the two other drugs. "I am furious," Wolfe told The Washington Post. "I look like a fool." The 16 researchers involved in the Celebrex study knew Pharmacia had 12 months of data, but did not disclose that. All 16 were Pharmacia employees or consultants."

Right. So. I have heart problems, and I endangered my heart (Celebrex is known to fuck with the heart) because they lied and said this stuff wouldn't aggravate my ulcer. At the time, we'd just discovered the ulcer, and that giving me Prilosec might help me put some weight on. At the time, I was about 85-87 pounds. So the weight was deemed to be a higher priority, survivalwise.

But the damn Celebrex was no better or worse for the ulcer than anything else would've been.

So. Yeah. Where does the line for the class-action suit form?

(Unrelated: I type faster off Trileptal. Huh.)
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The myoclonic jerks aren't epilepsy-related... they're fibromyalgia-related.

Probably. I mean, I have this big Venn diagram of symptoms of all of my different freakin' maladies and the side effects of the medications. But there's a myoclonus/fibro correlation, and both are newish, so.

Yes, mycroftca, I'm going to bed now.
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