September 24th, 2006

Bondage Ranger - sinfest

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Something to muse about later...

I'd never had anyone I switched with before. I've been sub, I've been Domme, but each person I'm with gets exclusively one side or the other.

harkalark and I switch. Like dancing, almost. It's interesting.

Add to that the fact that two women lately have expressed interest in topping me, and I have had, instead of my usual instinctive "I do not sub to girls", interest.

I am always in flux.

I like that I can be so actively in flux with harkalark.

I need to go shower, as ydnic and nycorson are due here soon...
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Everyone here is a crazy person.


Okay, so I now have imps of Binah, Lampades, Loup Garou, Loviatar, Maenad, Saint-Germain, and Yggdrasil to review.

And I have a better idea of which Carnaval Diabolique scents I'll be getting more of. (My CD decant set is delayed. :( )

And I crossed a bunch of stuff off my wanna-try list.

And Elayna fell in love with the Ars Draconis scents - Dragon's Milk most of all.

And I am even more in love with Death of Sardanapal. It is absolutely exquisite on me. And I cannot afford a bottle. *cries* I'll swap generously for an imp of it.

And I had fun hanging out with nycorson, and she made excellent black beans and rice, and left some with us. :)
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