September 22nd, 2006


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Worked the book fair for 2 1/2 hours.

Too tired to write a real post.

You get content later. I nap now.

*falls over*
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Elayna & Mommy laughing

Oh, yeah... Elayna stuff!

* She got a 98% on her Social Studies test - the subject she'd stumbled on the most.

"It was so easy!"

"That's because you studied!"

* She has turned in all but two of her missing assignments, completing one during her "extended learning" period. She's working on one right now.


In non-Elayna stuff - working the book fair was fun. :) Intimidating at first, as all of the other volunteers knew each other, and I always feel awkward around grownups. But they were friendly.

I was mistaken for a student a few times. o_O

Best part of the book fair - talking to the kids about their prospective purchases. I ended up in a rousing discussion about Lemony Snicket, and gave several book recommendations.

And then I came home and slept til shortly before Elayna came home.

Now, I wait for my pizza. After that, I wait for harkalark. And then there will be much snuggling. And, well, other stuff. *shields gwynraven's eyes*

...and then there will be sleep, and waking up Way Too Early to get Elayna to the Lake Allatoona Cleanup by 9 AM.

And thus I begin and end with Elayna, in LJ entry as in life. *bows*
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