September 19th, 2006


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to beldar, mightyafrodite, and the fabulous photognome!

Hello to new readers bettybaker and betsyrockett!

Need to call today to schedule ambulatory EEG. Brain drugs are treating me fine - well, now it's just one. Lyrica. Bumping up by 50mg AM/50 PM today - wish me luck!

Fibro-wise, I was having great difficulty, but yesterday's massage helped very muchly. Once again, I recommend manifestress to everyone!

Talk Like a Pirate Day
I say "yarr" every day. So.

White and Nerdy
In case you haven't seen the new Weird Al video - here. I'm addicted. I need Straight Outta Lynwood like now, man.

Daily Science
Here, have another article about the Large Hadron Collider!

Daily BPAL
Still no new imps. Got a bottle of Miskatonic University yesterday, though, and - my imp smells way different from that bottle! My imp is almost entirely Irish coffee, and the bottle smells richer - picking up the wood and old tomes. Elayna gets the imp, as this smells nothing like cookies. And she gets the frimp of Gingerbread Poppet that the guy sent, because I already have one and, well - cookies!

nycorson is bringing her Carnaval Diabolique imps over on Sunday! And other stuff, but I'm most excited about CD. I'm in a decant circle for it, but I don't think the decanter has the bottles yet. And I've been holding off on ordering bottles I'm sure I'll love Just In Case.

Finally have my CnS for my Mum Moon/F5/imps of Caliban and Cockaigne order! So I might have those and whatever frimps I get for Sunday. From the reviews, I think Mum Moon and Cockaigne will be delicious. I smelled Spooky's Caliban, and it was interesting. I'm a bit worried about F5, though - if it's as citrusy as the forum reviews have it as, that'll be trade bait for sure.

Adam will be out of town for a few days. Please to be sending good mojo for his trip. :)
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Adam is off to the airport.

I do not like being alone.

But it is for a good cause. *nod*

Goals for this week in Adam's absence: get all the damn filing done, and write, write, write! I owe y'all a Shayara primer. (Reminder: Donate to RAINN, if you haven't yet!) And I have a few other writing projects that I'm giving myself a deadline on.

And I need to get caught up on e-mail and LJ comments. And need to call my neuro's office to set up the ambulatory EEG (called - paperwork in limbo - they'll call me back (hypothetically)), and the county's rape crisis center to see when their fall training starts.

People with fibro and/or other chronic pain issues - what helps you with your pain and stiffness? I'm having a bad day in that regard.
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Elayna & Mommy laughing

Life with 'song and Elayna

Elayna needed to cut a graph out of a magazine and provide data from it for her math homework.

So we dug into the stack of saved magazines. Whatever happened to graphs? No magazine uses graphs anymore! We found a few in Scientific American that were... eh. Not very useful.

And then one in Mental Floss.

So. Her graph homework? Is on a graph entitled "How to sell kidneys on the black market".

Oh yeah. Her teacher's either going to love this or send her in for counseling.
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