September 14th, 2006


Thor's Day

Happy birthday to TechWolf!

Brain drugs... okay. The only real side effect I'm noticing from the Lyrica is dizziness, and I can deal with that. The difference re: my mental clarity and balance is astounding.

Fibro-wise - ouch. Seriously, y0. I'm getting a massage today, which should help.

I got Elayna's membership and our hotel room squared away last night. :) (Adam and I are likely to be panelists and therefore get free membership - I actually have an idea for a fast-track panel this year.) *does the dance of the prepared*

I would like to have a room party this year, seeing as people have been bugging me for years to hold one. I'm willing, but I need a co-host (just someone to be responsible for the room if I need to leave the party for a bit) and donations. We're stretching the budget to afford our room - I can't afford to get another room just for a party! So if you're going to Arisia and/or are interested in funding the Nexus Party, just let me know. I'd like to grab a room in the Active block soon, if there's adequate interest.

Huge Fibromyalgia News
Pieces of the Fibromyalgia puzzle are slowly falling into place, and researchers are moving toward a unified theory that explains the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease.

While the conviction among the majority of Fibromyalgia researchers is that Fibromyalgia represents a significant sensitization of the brain and spinal cord, some leading researchers have recently formed a theory that takes the "Sensitization Theory" a step further, to what can be called the "Hippocampus Hypothesis" or "Dopamine Hypothesis." This fascinating theory states that FM is primarily a brain dysfunction resulting from stress-induced physiological changes to a part of the brain called the hippocampus and to the important neurotransmitter that it regulates - dopamine.


*looks at her wee scarred hippocampus* *looks at her achy body* Well. That makes sense. And I must say, I appreciate that they might be linked. It feels better than all of this being random.

Everything is connected
Parsis have placed their dead in a "dhokma," or Tower of Silence, to await the vultures at Malabar Hill — now the city's wealthiest neighborhood — since 1673.

Followers of the Bronze Age Persian prophet Zarathustra, Parsis worship fire, so cremating the dead is a mortal sin, while burial is seen as a contamination of the earth. But the vulture is precious to Parsis who believe it releases the spirits of the dead.

Over the past 15 years, millions of South Asian vultures have died from eating cattle carcasses tainted by a painkiller given to sick cows. Conservationists estimate that more than 90 percent of India's vultures have died, creating havoc for Parsis' funeral rites.

The IUCN-World Conservation Union lists India's three species of vulture — the oriental white-backed, long-billed and slender-billed vultures — as critically endangered, the category for animals closest to extinction. It could not provide exact population figures.

And with three to four Parsis dying daily in Mumbai, a city of 16 million, it is clear that there are nowhere near enough vultures to consume the corpses.

Daily Science
It would take Benjamin Franklin and other eighteenth century scientists to begin working out the nature of electricity, and to recognize its role in the nervous system. But I still like to picture Willis puzzling over a cadaver, not realizing that the man had been killed by the same thing that made thought possible.

The Royal Society has made their archives available for free for the next few months. Scientific papers dating back to 1665!

Posts I have to make
* Mental acuity
* Parents
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Pimpin' - yuki_onna


Tarot Readings!
Get read by deyaniera! She's nifty, she's accurate (has references), and she could use the cash. Help an LJsister out. Full Celtic Cross readings for $20. Smaller readings (five cards) for $10, and three-card-draws for $5.

Go clicky!
This one won't cost you a dime. fibro_witch has a new website, and she gets "paid by the eyeballs". It's about dogs. You like dogs. Click here!
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Writing - XanaDuMalion

Advice sought

A question for an LJfriend...

This person has had it suggested that they might benefit from anti-anxiety medication. Their response was that that's just for people who have full-blown anxiety attacks, but I know that isn't entirely the case.

Those of you who are on or have been on anti-anxiety medications - please give us your input. Tell us all the positives and negatives.

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Magical Drama Queen Roxy!

I'm baaaaack...

Adam says, among other things: The analogy I used when talking to her this morning is that her brain used to be like a very fragmented hard drive, with pauses before accessing data. Now, it's like a brand new, blazingly-fast optical drive with near-instantaneous access.

Of course, this is also what she was like before the Trileptal.

In other words, I have my wife back.

I went into the hospital, and I came out as me.

I can think again, and express my thoughts. I'm not brainfogged or word-lost. I have energy. I can walk a straight line.

For the first time in three years.

Someone I met during my Trileptal haze (my parents say I looked like I was constantly in a daze, not entirely there) said that I was "so smart it's scary" and "quick". Oh, you ain't seen nothin' yet. That was my brain working through a chemical fog. Now I can think again.

And part of the problem with expressing part of the disability the Trileptal caused was that I was so elevated before Trileptal, energywise and brainfunctionwise. I went from me to normal-person functionality. And then below.

I'm just so excited that it's hard to type about it. *laugh* I can think I almost feel high. The difference is huge. It's like the difference between being stoned and being sober, or being sober and tweaking.

Maybe even between being stoned and tweaking. That big a difference.

Three years of fog, and I can think again.
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(no subject)

Dear 'song:

No matter how much mental energy you have, and how much more physical energy than usual, please remember that you have fibromyalgia, and that the fibromyalgia does not like it when you charge up and down the stairs like that.

Thank you.


Yeah. Less vroom, more steady pace. *nod*