September 13th, 2006


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to malver!

Just took meds. Pain level is moderate. Got my period, which a) increases lower back pain and b) means I have to reschedule my IUD placement. Grr.

Sleepy me.

Daily Science
Researchers at MIT are developing a device that could detect and prevent epileptic seizures before they become debilitating. Hey! MIT! I'll be right in the proper place when they start testing.

Gene variations explain drug dose required to control seizures. I need to print this and bring it to my doctor...

No Daily BPAL; still no new imps. Verra sad.
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Elayna answered the phone while I was napping. Apparently one of you wants to come over tomorrow - but she can't remember who!




So. Yes. Let me know, mystery potential visitor, and I'll try to work out a good time. *laugh*

In other news, I have been out of the house all damn day. Shopping. Movie - which I fell asleep in. Okay, then there was the nap. Then dinner. So if you've said anything Important today, please let me know!
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