September 10th, 2006


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One of the more annoying things about this process is the sheer number of people one has to deal with. Four doctors so far this morning, and a nurse, and two techs. And they all ask the same questions. So, starting at 7 AM, I had to recount yesterday's seizure in as much detail as I was capable of (it being 7 AM, after all) over and over.

I dozed between recountings. And Spooky just woke up. :) Yes, last night was not a sleep-dep night.

Excerpted from e-mail, my every-other-night sleep-dep schedule:

Awake til 4 AM
Sleep 4-6 AM
Awake 6 AM til 9, 10 PM
Sleep 10 PM to "whenever", which works out to be about 7
Awake 7 til 4 AM

Lather, rinse, repeat. No naps allowed. The goal is to stress my body out to the point where the sleep dep is hazardous to my health but will not actually kill me.

The sleep-dep is another of the more annoying parts of the process, of course. The most annoying by far is just that I'm tethered to the wall by my head. Electrodes lead to brainworms lead to pack lead to wall. The cord to the wall is long enough for me to go to the bathroom or sit in a chair. So I'm limited to a zone of about 3 yards, estimated by Spooky.

And I can't shower without assistance. And I'm sweating all the freakin' time - I don't know if that's Trileptal withdrawal or what, that my internal thermostat is out of whack like this. I am smelly right now. :( Adam better get here soon so he can hold my pack in the shower!

And I wanna take a walk. *pout*

So yes. Summation: Exhausted, bored, schvitzy, tethered to wall by head.

My electrodes have been re-gelled, but taped, not re-glued; I hope that means they have faith that I'm not going to be in for a whole 'nother week. This is Day Five.

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FYI re "home stretch"/"almost there" - I'm not. :( These stays take an average of 5-7 days, but this is day 5 and I've only had one really-truly seizure that we know of. And I need to stay overnight after the last seizure. So... I'm not going to be going home on Day 7, most likely. I need to have several tremendously useful seizures in the next 24 hours or so to be anywhere near getting home.

Just saying, because people have been saying it's almost over... nope - still on the uphill. It's number of seizures, not number of days. *sigh*

I'm hangin' in there. But I want to go home. And take a real shower. And sleep. (Tonight's a sleep-dep night, which does increase the chance of seizures.)


Yesterday, I really nailed Tyka's dialogue for the first time. Was able to write her not as a wacky side character or deus ex machina, but as a real person. And now I grok how she and Halloran could become lovers. Which hopefully means that you will, too.