September 9th, 2006

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Scenes like one of the ones I wrote last night are why I write comics, why I prefer them to prose. This particular scene was a character's miscarriage. The mild shock she goes into when she sees blood. Calling for a healer. Processing it. It's written right now as prose and dialogue, but it would work best as a few silent pages of the comic. Think about the use of silence and shock on the Buffy episode "The Body", for example. It's more effective than a constant internal narrative, in some cases.

The ideal version in my head has just two lines of dialogue, just at the end; everything else is body language, facial expressions.

In nonwriterly news, still no absence seizures; they said they wanted to check out my myoclonic jerks, so I pushed the button to mark a set this morning.

My nurse says I can maybe nap this afternoon. Which is probably not-good for the goal of stressing my body, but good for my state of mind and for the fibro...
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Sick Hippo

Go me! Random mystery seizure!

The scene: Elayna is curled up on the recliner reading manga. Spooky's in the chair on one side of me, Adam's on the other, and Mom's sitting at the foot of the bad. I have been struggling with my computer. Having just restarted it, very fed up, I popped up Firefox to check my e-mail. The grownups were discussing tennis. I felt a little dizzy. I made with the clicky.

And a nurse burst into the room with a look of mild panic. We all looked up, alarmed. "Are you okay?" she asked urgently.

"Um. Yes?"

She'd been at the EEG monitoring station and the alarms had gone off on my screen. Picking up seizure activity. Must have been a simple partial - the nurse noticed my hand hovering above the computer. The only thing I noticed was that dizziness. It must have been a matter of seconds, too fast for anyone who wasn't looking right at me to notice.

She scared us, popping in all frantic like that!

So I had a seizure and didn't even know it. (Goodness knows how many of these I've had prior to this week.)

I'm still a bit woozy-feeling. Nothing I'd've registered as anything *wrong*.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have produced useful data!

Now I want ice cream.
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