September 8th, 2006


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Got to sleep last night. Ish.

Seizure count: 1/2.

Starbucks has pumpkin spice lattes again!

In Trileptal withdrawal. Which is teh suck. Very shaky. Temperature not regulating.

Hair looks dreadful.

Spooky = so good to me.

I want all of this.

I have the brain worms.

I'm gonna make Adam give me a sponge bath now.

The end.
Everyone here is a crazy person.

Life with Adam and Spooky

The lunch plate is uncovered, and we look in with trepidation.

Spooky: What is that?

Adam: Country-baked steak.

Spooky: No it's NOT.

Adam: Yeah. It's rare that I can look at a steak product and say, um, no.

Spooky: I saw that Invader Zim episode. I'm not eating that.

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I will never take Trileptal again.

No matter what else comes out of this, I tell you this here: I will never take Trileptal again.

I've been off of it for over a day now. And by midmorning, Spooky and Mom had noticed that I was no longer fumbling for words. And that, despite being tethered to the wall by my head and dragging a cord around with me, my balance was fine. (Usually, I have to self-correct every few steps.)

Last night and this morning were very difficult, physically. Withdrawal sucks. I *think* my internal thermostat is back online.

Hi. This is what it felt like to be lucid. It's been a few years.

So if this does nothing else, it got me off the Trileptal.

Still no major seismic activity. Tonight's eXtreme sleep dep should "help" on that front.


* I'm phone-overloaded. And trying to bite back irritation every time the damn thing rings. See, the phone is difficult to get to, and there's really no way to talk on it comfortably on camera. So every time it rings, it's a struggle to maneuver over to it, then a conversation where I am, in some cases, standing on one foot, my tether in one hand and the phone in the other, leaning over the table and balancing on an elbow. Add to that the fact that I hate, loathe, and despise the telephone *anyway*. It's a torture device, not a method of communication.

* Fibro pain like whoa.

* The kid keep forgetting that I have an IV shunt on the back of my hand and will periodically squeeze or lean on it.

* I want to go home now, please.

But since I can't, I'll try to get some writing done.
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I can't help it. Marcus just pisses me off. Too many of his actions are selfish-bastard ones.

And I know, this makes him pretty realistic as a character, right? Right. But I'm mad at Jessa for making the stupid choices she makes regarding him.

I just want to throw things at them right now. Marcus, you asshole. Jessa, you idiot.

Jessa is a better *person* when she's with Fenris, dammit. And no, she's not choosing Marcus over Fenris; Fenris leaves *her*. But it's *because* of Marcus. And she had to know something like that was going to happen.

Yeah. Writing. Hi.
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