September 6th, 2006


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to kimeepower!

Just a little achy. Brain-drugs, I have not taken. I don't know if they want to start crashing me immediately. So.

Daily Science
The Inner Life of a Cell. A video. It's shiny!

Daily BPAL
Thankfully, Kindly Moon does not speak to me. Gardenia and ylang ylang are known evils. I love lotus root, but it may not be enough to redeem Kindly Moon. So.

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And we're off.
I'll post after I'm hooked up, if they have the promised internet access. I'd say wish me luck, but too many of you have commented already for me to keep up with! So you don't need to comment to wish me luck. Just spare a good thought for me and, for once, wish for seizures!
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Sick Hippo

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Yay! Hospital's got wifi!

* I am in room G338. Do not visit or call yet. :) They don't have the leads on me yet. Yes, I've been here four hours and we've barely gotten started! I have my IV port in, I've had blood drawn, I've been processed like whoa.

* Everyone is very nice. My smile and eyes have been complimented. I have been startled!

* I have reassuring info about the chance of status epilepticus. Apparently the brain starts spiking weirdly and distinctively before status starts, so they can get in and nip it in the bud. Most times.

* They generally want about five seizures. There are cases where one is enough; there are cases where you have to be in two weeks. But generally it's no longer than a week, and can be as brief as three to four days.

* They've started by cutting my Lyrica completely, and halving my Trileptal. I had the uneasy shift in my stomach looking at that half-pill of Trileptal.

* It is now 1 PM, and my head is bristling with electrodes. *inspects new 'do* Medusa like whoa. Spooky will have to fix my hair when she gets here. Which should probably be in about an hour.

* Lunch = baked ziti, veggies, and potato soup. They neglected my roll. Adam ate the salad and cherry cobbler.

* "We'll want you to be up out of bed as much as possible, to prevent blood clots. So we don't have to keep you in the blood-clot boots."

"Well, if I get fancy boots..."

"Oh, they just massage your feet."

"You're not talking me *out* of this, you realize."

Humor = my defense mechanism.

* Elayna gave me a tiny stuffed white tiger to keep me company. The tiger's name is Kisa, like in Fruits Basket. *loves Elayna*

All in all, I'm in pretty good spirits so far. Because, y'know, my brain's not melting yet. That'll be later tonight or tomorrow. They're sleep-depping me. Yeah. So, uh, let me know if you're generally up at 4 AM, and I'll meet you on AIM!

...and you can visit me now.
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Tiala - xana art

Oh, shit.

Lea Hernandez, creator of the incredibly beautiful steampunk graphic novels Cathedral Child and Clockwork Angels as well as other works, and all-around nifty person, has suffered a house fire. House is gone. All humans survived... but she lost six pets. And, well, everything else she owned.

Her posts are here and here. Reprinted with permission:

You have my permission to post my PayPal email, which is

Right now, crass be damned, money is what we need so we can go buy clothes and shoes and replace my computer and art supplies so I can work. (Yes, I need to work.) And we will likely be in a rental for at least a month, since half the house will need to be rebuilt, and our insurance only pays so much for that. (Bless Roxanna Rubio, who wrote our insurance payments into our house payments!)

PLEASE DON'T SEND CLOTHES, we don't have any place to put them! Donate them locally, you could very well be helping someone in our situation.

Also crass be damned, Girl's Nintendo DS was slagged. So, you know. It's a thing, but she loved that thing.

The Red Cross has come and gone and we have air matteresses and referrals and money to replace our scrips and get everyone a nice pair of pants and some shoes.

I'll be on and off all day. Feel free to email Lisa Jonte (see how I make free with your email, Lisa!) lrjonte @ arcanumvisual . com for my ground address if ou need it.

And that's it for now. I have to go see if I have some shoes and a pair of pants so I can go to Wal-Mart.

THANK YOU ALL for your good wishes. I am holding you very close to my heart.

Comic creator = no insurance, man. And everything gone. Please help.
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All of the people have cleared out. Just me and Spooky. No sleep til Brooklyn 4 AM.

I already got almost zero sleep last night. And I always nap. Every day. Between the brain-drug side effects and the fibro fatigue.

No nap today.

Awake til 4 AM.

Sleep 4-6 AM.

No nap tomorrow.

Sleep from 9 PM to whenever tomorrow.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Yes, a brutal, continuing cycle.


Also, I am already in much pain.

Now I give to you Guest Blogger Spooky.

There is quite possibly not enough coffee on the planet to make this whole sleep dep thing a good thing.

But we have two rampant battery-powered brains as back-up should we need them.

Um. Yes. So, we have been introduced to Shadesong of Borg, who is tethered to an inconvenient heavy black bag full of wire sockets that she has to drag around with her when she takes the ever-so-thrilling trip from her bed to, um...a chair. Or the bathroom. She's supposed to walk/move around as much as she can. I personally think someone needs to send us a disco ball and a karaoke machine, but I don't think she agrees with me.

And her bed has a sign on it that says it's "For Med/Surg Use Only."
This is a non-nookie bed, y'all.

Oh, and her shower has a chair in it. I think I need to get one of these for my house.

(She's sleepy and uncomfortable like whoa, and I wish I could sneak her out and back to her home. But not yet. So, ya know, send love and cookies.)