September 5th, 2006


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to indrani_prime and skintalker!

Hello to new readers bikergeek, e_scapism101, jennifer, savage_rose, and sweeteepea! Welcome back to returning reader thesibylqueen!

Been an ouchy weekend. Just taking the brain-drugs now.

Daily Science
Via Inky Circus: New species of sea urchin discovered! Look at the picture! Beautiful. It's been named Coelopleurus exquisitus, and for good reason.

Daily Grammar
Look at this sentence and count the appalling problems.

Naturally there is concern where this new urchin came from and if it is being dredged up from the depths, the affect that may have on it's numbers.

Now guess the source.

The BBC.

*bangs head against wall*

Mike Judge's new movie is called Idiocracy. It's about a guy who's cryogenically frozen, then thawed out in the future - a future that has been so incredibly dumbed down that he's the smartest man by far.

I am no longer convinced that this movie is fiction. It may be a prophecy.

Daily BPAL
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BPAL Swap Post

If you claim it today, it gets mailed today! Otherwise, it gets mailed when Adam gets around to it or when I get out of the hospital. *laugh* Help me get these imps into loving homes!

Label condition is mostly just fine; some are rolled/taped. Let me know if label condition matters, and I'll check for you.

My wishlist is here, but if you have nothing on it, you can still make me an offer with what you've got - if it doesn't have one of my Evil notes, I may be willing to give it a shot.

On to the impage!

Cerberus (maybe to nycorson)
Hearth 2005
Mi-Go Brain Canister (maybe to nycorson)

Carceri D'Invenzione

Nihil (swap for lunacies on wishlist, other unreleased, or other rarities) pending for reedsong?

The Raven - to gwynraven

Ava Luxe
Ambra Tibet
Vanille Royal
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...I'm scared.

I was supposed to pack for the hospital today. Instead, I've been futzing around online. And sleeping. And I ate most of a loaf of cinnamon-raisin bread.

I guess to me, hospitals are where you go to die or almost-die. So subconsciously... there's a little kid in me that's screaming "No, please, don't make me!"

I can do this.

I will pack tonight.
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Sick Hippo

(no subject)

Aren't you all going to be happy when I'm in the hospital and therefore not talking all the time about being scared to go into the hospital?

Just wanted to clarify. The fear here is coming from one of the things that got drummed into my head from the day of my diagnosis: "If you stop taking your drugs, you will die."

This is not really hyperbole. This is actually one of the leading causes of death for epileptics - status epilepticus due to medical noncompliance. (There are many. Seizure-related death, SUDEP, other stuff that I can't accurately quote right now because the page isn't loading... epileptics die liike whoa.) There are some drugs that you just *cannot* safely stop cold-turkey, that you need to taper down over weeks or months in order to not risk death or major damage. Anti-seizure meds = among those drugs.

I jokingly commented to pbristow that if my heart's going to stop, I'm in the best place for it, because they have those big shiny paddles. Clear!

But it's not really a joke if I took it pretty much straight from the paperwork the hospital sent me, is it?

So. That's why I'm scared.

On the happy fun side of things! It was a good mail day today. BPAL from phinnia and setfiretolife, and a talisman for my hospital stay from themaskmaker... my words of description would be inadequate, so I will post a picture. Thank you, Grey-love. All of us here went "Woooow." Thank you.

And I know I'm not alone. There's you guys. My sister called and actually ended the call with "I love you," which I swear she hasn't done since she was Elayna's age. I actually faltered a bit before saying "I love you, too," because it was so utterly unexpected. And I got e-mail from my birth-aunt-in-law, one of my favorite relatives, but one I don't generally e-mail with, I just see her at Christmas - letting me know that she and the rest of the family were thinking of/rooting for me.

So. I am very not alone. Thank you for that.
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