September 3rd, 2006


Weekend in brief

So yesterday, the cats had a vet appointment.

Yeah. You see where this is going.

Jack was easily located, as he has only gone to the vet once before and didn't know to hide. The carrier, which was perfect when he was just a wee thing, is now slightly too small. So I was trying to wedge him into it, and he was having none of it.

And then I turned the carrier so the hole was on top.

And had Elayna hold it as I lowered him in. Score!

So now it came down to Max. Who was nowhere. We checked every room, closing the door after determining that he was not within. I actually entered the crawlspace to try to find him. Nothing. Nowhere.

So we had to cancel the appointment. Dammit. Went grocery shopping instead. He happily walked up to us as we were putting things away. Stupid clever beautiful cat.

And then - Helly! brujah and voldsom had a get-together at the Hard Rock Cafe near DragonCon. harkalark and I happily MARTAed over and spent a giggly few hours with Helly. Pictures will be forthcoming. :)

Then? Sleep. Too much activity for the 'song. Seriously. I'm still achey.

Mmm. Then? Moulin Rouge, as music-geek harkalark had never seen it.

This morning, Java Jive.

Waiter: "Okay, pancakes?" harkalark raises hand. "Gingerbread waffles?"

Me, brightly: "Me! And all the rest of the food is mine."

Waiter: "Home fries and biscuit?"

Me: "Um. me."

Yes, I really can eat all that food.

Waitress, after I tucked away the waffles and potatoes: "Would you like a box for the biscuit?"

Me: "Nooo. I just need to digest a little bit. Then I'm gonna hit the biscuit."

harkalark: "Did you eally just say you were going to hit the biscuit?"

Me: "Yeah."

harkalark: "That sounds... sexual."

Me: "It's a really good biscuit."

But seriously, yes, I can put away a large quantity of food. I promise.


Reminder to self: Post about relationship with food, and finding simple joys. But first, harkalark wants to check his e-mail.
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