August 28th, 2006



Happy birthday to jasra!

Not taking my meds yet - the school bus was a no-show on Friday, and I had to drive Miss Kid, medicated and all. I do not want a repeat of either part of that.

Pain is moderate, as it was much of yesterday. I slept much of yesterday away, which likely contributed to me waking up at 2 AM and having difficulty getting back to sleep.

Daily Science
Stealing both links from phinnia, I b'lieve:

Your brain boots up like a computer.

How your brain sleeps.

Daily BPAL
Wolf Moon: This is the dead of winter, the year’s dark hibernation, the crystalline silence of the depths of the world’s darkness. It bears echoes of the time before time, of primordial gloom. This Moon harbors memories of man’s life before fire.

In bottle: Cool, slightly foresty... something else I can't ID.

On me: Aquatic - but the aquatic of Yemaya, the one that doesn't go all sharply chemical on me. Hm, wait - there is some of that there. We'll see if it dries off. The light foresty smell is buried beneath it. Some muskiness buried beneath, too. But the sharp chemical thing is cutting it all off. If that doesn't stop, this is one for the swap pile. *reads forum reviews* Eee, yeah, wish I'd read reviews first. "Aquatic notes" all over the place. And no sign of it letting up on my skin. EDIT: And it has let up. It's lightly musky. And I can't swap it, because Elayna digs it, so in her BPAL box it goes!

Other BPAL note - the Halloween update should go live today! More pretties I can't afford, though these should be up longer than Black Moon Rising. Which I still crave. *pout*

Other other BPAL note: I'll be posting my swaplist when I get home from taking Miss Kid to the bus. It'll be first-come, first-serve.

People who I have things tentatively set aside for, please send me your swaplists so I can pick stuuff out or throw those imps back in the pool.

People who I definitely have stuff set aside for, please remind me what I'm getting from you, as I may have since tried it and decided it's not for me and want the option to swap for something else?

My goal here is to get all swaps out the door early this week. Just one more thing to clean up before the hospital stay.
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Dancer/Holy Ground - by Iroshi

Right, then.

Swap with 'song!

(In case they're checking LJ before e-mail: deyaniera, phinnia, and whitecrow0 are paged to the white courtesy phone to tell me what they've got to swap for the imps I'm holding for them.)

My readers get first crack. I'll post this at sinandsalvation if I don't manage to swap 'em away to you guys. If label condition and decant/not decant is important to you, let me know and I'll look at it and report on it; these all look satisfactory to me. I would like to swap LE for LE, but will swap 1 LE for two GCs on my wishlist. If you have Storyville - dude, let's make a deal.

Hearth 2005
Mi-Go Brain Canister
Monster Bait: Underbed - wytchchyld

Unimpable (Salon)
Carceri D'Invenzione (ideal trade would be for Death of Sardanapal)

Nihil (swap for lunacies on wishlist, other unreleased, or other rarities)

Anne Bonny - setfiretolife
Djinn - phinnia
Gaueko - deyaniera
The Ghost - cissa
Libertine - cissa
Sybaris - cissa

Ava Luxe samples (same size)
Ambra Tibet
Vanille Royal

Feel free to just post your swaplist, too, as my wishlist needs updating.
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By request: Online shopping!

bluedressdevil requested (a while ago) that I post about my favorite online stores. So. :)

The ones she named, but I can't name 'em enough:

Vosges Chocolate. The best truffles ever. On the more affordable side, they also sell candy bars. Whole Foods and local gourmet food places carry the candy bars and cocoa mixes, too.

Uncommon Goods is my go-to site for cool, funky gifts. :)

And now new ones.

The gifts I don't buy at Uncommon Goods, I buy at Femail Creations. Most of my jewelry comes from there, too - if you've admired an article of my jewelry, it's probably from Femail Creations. My birthmom shops there, too.

The gifts I don't buy at those two, I buy at ThinkGeek. And yeah, I have a wishlist there. :)

Okay, does anyone not know about BPAL by now? Note - if you want to start trying stuff out without the Lab's monthlong lead time, check out the BPAL forum for swaps and sales.

I don't generally do clothing shopping online, because I'm so difficult to fit - but my favorite store that has an online presence is Anthropologie. I've also successfully online-shopped at Pin Up Girl.

I think that's it. But, y'know, memory problems. *nod*
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Eras and ending and stuff

Once again, I failed to go through my suits and pick out the ones to sell.

And I know exactly why I'm having the problem.

It's because when I relinquish the suits, I'll be acknowledging that I will never again work a job that requires one.

Now, that is not, in itself, bad. I don't want to push papers for a company I don't care about, which is what I equate business-formal with. But the thing is, the job I wore those suits for, I liked. It was a shitty company that overworked and underpaid all of us. But I made great friends there (tsarinanic being the only one actively on LJ). It was a good working environment. It was a good fit for me in a way Coca-Cola U never was.

But y'know what? That was an era that ended five years ago.

And I've just been hanging onto a bunch of suits that I haven't worn since.

I'll keep a few. There's always a need for a nice suit. Just like black pumps and a little Gucci bag. And duct tape.

But there are so many things that I'm holding onto Just Because. And they take up space and could be making me money.


It's hard. But I'm acknowledging why it's hard, and maybe that'll help.
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Julia in color - xanadumalion

First call

Women's pantsuit. Jacket (one button, two front pockets) size M, pants (two pockets) size 8P.

Pure black suede, lined.

Worn once (my cousin's wedding/when I was at my heaviest).

Anyone here interested before it goes on Craigslist or eBay?

Also, there are a bunch of pantsuits and skirtsuits in sizes ranging from 0P and 2P to juniors 3/4. *nod* Dresses, too, in the same range. Let me know if any of you wee folk are interested.

Pictures on request tomorrow.
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