August 26th, 2006

Magical Drama Queen Roxy!

For the three people who haven't seen it...

Focus on the Family is a prominent hate-based anti-gay right-wing generally-fucking-evil evangelical church.

They have a store on their website.

The store is donation-based.

Here is your guide to getting $100 worth of merchandise free.

They have Narnia stuff. I ordered the widescreen DVD. And CDs of Les Miserables. :)

They are evil. Cost them money!

(I'd say stick to the CD and DVD sections. I paged through the books and didn't find a single thing that wouldn't make me feel dirty just for touching it. So. I wouldn't bother, were I you.)
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...I want Spooky here right now.

Because she makes me laugh.
Because she'll take me in hand and help me do the stuff that's overwhelming me.
Because of the way she fits in my arms - the way her curves fit against mine.
Because, because... lots of becauses.

Because she is her. And yes, there are many people I care for. But she and I have this nebulous undefined thing that makes her the person I want in arm's reach right now.

And I must be patient. Because she will be here in a week and a half, to sit with me in the hospital. But I wish she were here now. I am feeling quite unreasonable about this.
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