August 17th, 2006


Thor's Day

Elayna forgot to set her alarm. We were supposed to get up at 6:30. We got up at 7:15. We need to leave for the bus stop at 7:30. Aii! We got there fine, but Elayna was surly, so I read to her to adjust her mood.


Hello to new reader ravenskye8!

Pretty much the usual. The main effect of Lyrica so far is dizziness. And I'm walking heavy. Usually I walk very lightly. That's part of why I wear my stack of silver bracelets - it's a form of belling the cat!

I like this.
From Jonathan Carroll's new book-in-process:

That was one of the nicest things about physical intimacy-- for a little while you got to see your partner at their most vulnerable. However that's also a problem with certain people. Because sometimes we take our new knowledge of that surprisingly fragile person into the everyday but they do not. They leave "naked fragile me" back in the bedroom. So if you try to address this being, they either don't recognize who you're talking to, or resent you've witnessed that side of them.

Link Soup
Bees on a plane! No, for real.

Cat rapes woman after performing oral sex on her. Um. o.O The lesson here is, do not have your cat perform oral sex on you. But. Did any of us actually need that lesson? Please tell me you'd already internalized that one.

Dram Theater
Last night, I dreamed that I was seeing a new doctor, and she gave me a new prescription, and gave me the bottle right there. It's was four different dosages of pills, and she very rapidly gave me instructions on how to dial up on it. And I left, and accidentally left the bottle! So I had to go back to get it. And I asked her again how to dial up on it, because I'd forgotten, and she said "I just told you." I replied, "Yes, I'm sorry. I have short-term memory loss." And another person came in, and she went and talked to that person instead, ignoring me.

I hate that I have this stuff in dreams as well as in real life! *laugh*

Daily Science
It's toxoplasma gondii day! Like Rex Manning Day. But with parasites. (Two separate links here.)

Approximately one-quarter of Americans host a parasite that has been shown to affect personality in both rodents and humans. According to a recent study, this single-celled organism may be able to shape entire cultures.

He selected a few key features of human personality that Toxoplasma appears to influence, and which have been measured on a national scale--such as neuroticism, uncertainty avoidance, and "masculine" sex roles. Lafferty predicted that in countries with higher Toxoplasma rates, these features would all be stronger. He gathered data from studies on 39 countries in from all five continents. He corrected for various factors, for example including per capita gross domestic product as a variable. He found a signficiant correlation between high levels of the parasite and high levels of neuroticism. There was a positive but weak correlation between Toxoplasma and levels of uncertainty avoidances and masculine sex roles. However, if he excluded the non-Western countries of China, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, and Indonesia, the correlations of both personality measurements with Toxoplasma got much stronger.

Daily BPAL
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Now I totally want the pumpkin ravioli at the place near Adam's work. *salivates*

Gwyn will be here for a week and a half - so I won't be reading my friendspage much. Because, y'know, hot librarian. E-mail me if there's something specific you want me to see. :)
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