August 11th, 2006

Elayna & Mommy laughing


Happy birthday to bitsyboo!

Hello to new reader desperance, and returning reader mistercrabby!

I slept off the braindrugs. Painwise... mild pain yesterday, moderate pain today.

The cartoons are re: menstrual cramps, but this is so my life with fibromyalgia lately. Collapse )

Daily Elayna
* We watched ShakespeaRe:Told last night - their newsroom retelling of Much Ado About Nothing. She enjoyed it quite a lot, so we're following that up with the Branagh version later today. I think doing this could be fun - update/"original". 10 Things I Hate About You could be up next. I'll need advice on the non-update versions, as I'm used to seeing Shakespeare on the stage, not in the movie theater. (One of these days, I need to write up the experience of working the Utah Shakespeare Festival in '92...)

* We are listening to Gaia Consort right now, because she saw solcita's photo icon on my friendspage and declared her pretty; I told Elayna that solcita was a musician, too, and I am now showing her. She likes Gaia Consort.

* We did more back-to-school shopping yesterday. Criminy, middle school is expensive! We have pretty much everything she needs now, but the band needs $40. Thank goodness band gets her out of gym, because gym uniforms are $20. Also good news: we managed to get her a pair of comfy black buckled shoes that'll look great with jeans, dresses, and her band "uniform". Marked down like whoa.

* And we are finally going to Bodies: The Exhibition today!

Daily Science
Scorpion venom is responsible for 10 times as many deaths per year as snake venom. But the deadly poison could also become an effective new cancer treatment.

Daily BPAL
Storyville: No lab description; this is a C12 exclusive.

In bottle: Sweetly musky.

On me: Oh hell. Y'know how some of BPAL's scents are not-you, and some are wonderful, and some are completely made for your skin chemistry - it's as if Beth studied you and made something that blossoms just on/for you, that smells nice on everyone but on you, it's just... you? Gorgeous and amazing and made for you? Yeah. On me, that's Kathmandu, Drink Me, Beaver Moon, Blood Moon, Torture King... and Storyville, rarest of the rare.

There's creamy sweetness in here, and a thread of skin musk and a winding trail of tobacco, and a hint of sex, a touch of booze - like hungrily kissing someone who's just partaken of some really good whiskey. EDIT: And some foodiness - small cakes eaten between clients. Beignets? Are there beignets in here? Holy crap, I smell like musk and a whiff of chocolate and a touch of a really good cigar and licking really good booze off someone's body and beignets. *whimper*

The history of the real Storyville, from Storyville was New Orlean's (and the nation's) first legalized prostitution district from 1897 through 1917. It was named, ironically enough, after Alderman Sidney Story, the man who wrote up the legislation concerning the "District," as it was called by locals. It was a flourishing area, where people of all racial backgrounds would gather for entertainment. The more popular brothels would hire piano players, known as "The Professor," to play in the parlor. There, many visitors to the city experienced the sounds of jazz for the first time in their lives. However, with the rise of Prohibition and WWI, the district was finally shut down (over objections of the city) by the federal government in 1917.

I don't know how she gets that in a bottle. But dammit, she does.

And I only have like half an imp, and it's prohibitively expensive. Notice to the world: If you want to give me a gift? For $WINTERHOLIDAY or, well, anything? Storyville. Please. Omigods please.

Carceri d'Invenzione: Redwood, red sandalwood, black pepper, blonde tobacco and frankincense.

In bottle: Very sharp and masculine.

On me: Very sharp and masculine. I can do masculine fragrances (see Torture King and Geek, see repeated insistence that I'm a boy), but this isn't one; this is department-store men's colgne that comes with a gift-with-purchase. I'm detecting some complicated stuff behind that, the woods and tobacco, but something overpowers it utterly. I think it may be the frankincense, as I know that everything else in here works for me in other fragrances. It's dying down a bit. I'll see if it goes away and lets the good stuff up for air before I consign it to the swap pile.
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Elayna & Mommy laughing

Like mother, like daughter...

I arrived home to find a BPAL package. Yay! Unwrapped everything hurriedly, and grabbed one of the two scents I'd asked for (got a bunch of frimps). Opened the one I hadn't already had. Inhaled blissfully. Passed the imp wand to Elayna - "Here, smell this!"

"Oooooh. It's like cookies." *sniff* *sniff* "Wow, I love that!"

I applied some, then extended my arm to be sniffed.

"Oh, Mommy, I love that. Even more than Chimera!"

I started laughing. She asked why. "Because, my dear, you have chosen for your new favorite one of the rarest of the rare. Bottles of this stuff go for $30-$50. I love you. But you cannot have this."

My child's favorite BPAL?

Miskatonic University.

She could only do worse by falling for Shub or a C12.

"But I can still borrow the imp sometimes, right?"

"On very rare occasions."

So. First day of sixth grade. Monkey earrings. Cute T-shirt. Embroidered jeans. Miskatonic University. Oy.

EDIT: And as a consolation prize, she has been promised a bottle of Gingerbread Poppet for $WINTERHOLIDAY, if they rerelease it this year. Cookie-perfume for Elayna.
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Elayna 2006

(no subject)

Elayna's favorite Shakespeare character so far is Beatrice.

That is all.

Ah, wait, that's not all.

At the Bodies exhibit earlier today, I debated taking her into the fetal development room. I told her there were some examples of birth defects on display that might be distressing, et cetera. She assured me that she'd be fine.

So we went in; we saw embryos and fetuses (fetii?), we saw weirdass tumors, we saw examples of spina bifida and anencephaly and all manner of things. And at the end of a line of preserved fetuses that showed skeletal development up to 20 weeks, she paused and looked up at me, and I prepared myself to hear "Mommy, this is not cool with me," or some variation of same.

So she looked up at me, my child, after seeing multiple bisected and dissected bodies and their organs, and the genuinely sad anencephalic fetus, and she said, "I'm hungry."
Everything hurts/Doesn't work


* I am in considerable fibro pain.

* Sleep will help.

* I am not even the tiniest bit tired.


Sleep helps pain but body is in too much pain for sleep which means that this'll get worse because lack of sleep increases pain.

This is a particularly recursive malady.

*disgusted pfft*

Well, at least I have the new Jasper Fforde.
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