August 8th, 2006


Tew's Day

Slept after taking my pills this morning, slept through the effects. Little groggy right now, but hey.

Pain levels have been manageable, the past two days. Sunday night was pretty bad, but I'd been walking around a museum for a large chunk of the day. *crosses fingers* We'll see!

How many of you are having weird, vivid dreams lately? Several of you commented to that effect in yesterday's post, and I'm wondering how widespread it is. I certainly am.

I got two of my sponsorship e-mails (I sponsored 3 people). Looks like it's just a link to the donation page. So you don't need to wait for the e-mail in order to donate. I'll reproduce the text from the e-mail you'll get re: me here:

Thank you so much for sponsoring me! Anonymous sponsors: If you want the .pdf, please send me your receipt from RAINN!

If you are pledging an amount that's not on the donation page, please donate at - the form on the standard donation page doesn't allow random-amount donations. The one at does. Yes, this is a pain in the butt, I'm sorry.

If you write a check, please write "blogathon" or "Shadesong's blogathon" in the memo field, per RAINN's request.

Thanks again. I am touched and awed by everyone's generosity.

Standard donation page is

Apparently you can put in a message on the online forms, too, so please note that it's re: Shadesong's Blogathon, as the person who e-mailed me would like to keep track. Perhaps I shall get a T-shirt or something. :)

I've updated my list of known sponsors.

Note: All Blogathonners will get the incentive items, whether they sponsored me or not, because they did something difficult and awesome and deserve it. :)

Daily Science
The Synapse, a neuroscience blog carnival.

Daily BPAL
Chrysanthemum Moon is up. I don't know if I'm getting it. I could just get a decant and scoop it up on the forums later. If anyone doesn't love it. I likewise cannot decide on F5.

Re: Carnaval Diabolique: Too many scents for short-term memory loss girl! I kept getting to the end of the list and forgetting half of what I'd just read. So I just joined a decant circle to get one of everything. It'll be up for a year. Plenty of time for me to get bottles of what I fall in love with.

Gah. Tired.
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Sister Mystic - X'Ana/Shrijani

Tell me a secret.

As promised in my last post, this is a very special tell me a secret post. This is an opportunity not just to whisper your confessions, but to have it be part of something larger.

I'll let guest blogger themaskmaker explain, as it's her project.

There's a folk tradition that you can carry a secret to the ancient Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat for safe keeping. Just whisper your secret into a chink in the temple wall, close up the chink with something (a twist of paper, a tuft of grass, mud), and walk away...

I'm a mask-maker (you can see some of my work here), and I want to make a mask that embodies this sense of finding a safe place for our secrets. To make the symbolism of the mask more powerful, I would like to incorporate real secrets into the body of the mask.

To that end, I've asked Shadesong to run a special "Tell me a secret" post for me. Whatever secrets you post here, she'll shield your anonymity and send them to me. I'll print them out on special hand made paper and then paste them onto the mask, print side facing in, as a papier mache layer.

I would be honoured beyond belief if you would allow me to make your secrets into this unusual piece of art.

When I've finished the mask, I am considering offering it up at auction to raise money for charity. With Shadesong's help, I'll keep you all posted.

Notes from me:

* themaskmaker is an amazing artist; I highly recommend that you check out her site! She's also a very nifty person.

* All comments will be screened. Forever. I am the only person who will ever know what you said. themaskmaker will receive your secret with no name attached.

Give us your secret for safekeeping; we will honor it. Tell us your story. Become part of a work of art, and release.

Tell me a secret.
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(no subject)

I have a bit that wants to be written, and it keeps getting caught on things on its way out of my brain. Were I writing this longhand, I'd be scribbling things out every few paragraphs. As it is, I'm helplessly staring at my screen.

Things happen. And I know what happens. But this scene is like navigating river rapids. The rapids in question are things re: Victor's and Kieran's psyches. Mostly Victor, mostly from a past life, some just about his attitudes on Kithrayna. This is not helped by the fact that he and Kieran are just barely getting to know each other, so Kieran doesn't know that these triggers exist, so he has to not set them off without knowing that they're there to navigate around, because whenever he hits one, the scene hares off into lengthy unrelated conversation. And just because *I* tell everyone my life story at the slightest provocation doesn't mean my *characters* ought to, and Kieran isn't allowed to find out about the past-life stuff for another few months anyway.


Sleep for now, I think.
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