August 7th, 2006


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I am awake because of dreams - because my body has made it abundantly clear that, now that I'm sufficiently "better", my subconscious mind is ready to start processing all of the trauma of the last year or so that it was holding back on because I was on the ragged edge of "what's wrong with my heart?" and "dear fucking gods why can't I stop losing weight", et cetera. (Yes, even with getting fibromyalgia = still considered getting better. Because we know what it is and it can be quantified and dealt with.)

Yeah, I did not write about half the bad shit. Because my brain stuffed it down due to the urgency of dealing with the possibly-life-threatening stuff first.

Way hey and away we go.

(And yeah, I'll be fine. Will likely just have fits and starts of Dealing With Suppressed Shit. Just keep in mind that stuff like this doesn't come out until things *are* going well, because my brain knows I don't have the processing space until things are going well.)
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Happy birthday to ian_gunn!

Hello to new reader jenni_the_odd and returning readers rainbow_slinky and skygoodwill!

My everything hurts. Plus a bit disoriented.

Adam recaps the parts I didn't over here.

I posted a bunch of recent pictures yesterday. More to come soon!

Killed the Sorceress again... but I have to stick around to Level 15 this time. *sigh* Ah well. Serious meat farming, here I come!

Daily Science
Here, have some physics flash animations.

Daily BPAL, I'll do later/tomorrow... I must now go get ready for my eye appointment. *yawn*
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Very Important Request

Does anyone local have a Mac-compatible webcam they can get to me ASAP?

We'll be out of the house til likely 10, 11 AM, We're home now! and will be home the rest of the day/night.

Yes, it is really important that we have one pronto. Just to borrow, not to keep. No, I can't openly post why, but I'll tell you in person if you lend me one.

Respond here, or call Adam's cell-phone number if you have it.

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Magical Drama Queen Roxy!


No change in the shape of my optic nerve. No change in eye pressure. My cornea is very thick, so the pressure reads of 20 and 18 are more like 18 and 16. And my last HVF test went great.

What does this mean?

It means that my optic nerve fuckery most likely = 'songbody-weirdness, and not high risk of glaucoma.

I am classified now at a lower risk.

My eyes = nothing to worry about. :)

And my prescription has changed only a wee bit, so I don't even need new glasses.

I like good medical news!

And now I nap.
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Elayna 2006


Elayna is now on Vox as NanoFishie. You should add her if you want cute kitten videos in your Vox neighborhood.

Related: I have two one more Vox invite. Anyone want it? Gone!

Also related: She's nanofishie here and there and on KoL because she was doing NaNoWriMo last year, and because she is my fishie, and she liked the name, so now she uses it everywhere. I still have to finish typing up her story. Bad Mama. No cookie.
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Elayna & Mommy laughing

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I'm reasonably certain that normal children play games and watch movies at sleepovers.

My daughter and her friend?

Writing a mystery novel.
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