August 5th, 2006


*hits reset button*


They're gone.

I now return you to your regularly-scheduled Shadesong.

And what a relief. They were driving me crazy.

Lowlights of the visit included Dad dragging his feet til it was "too late" to go someplace everyone but him wanted to go. Which would be frustrating enough, but - a friend was meeting us there, and was unreachable by cell phone. Oh, yes, I wanted to kill him.

And wanted to kill him even more later when he sent back a dish at Floataway Cafe just because it wasn't to my taste. So incredibly embarrassing. No, nothing was wrong with the dish. And Adam would have eaten it. Dad was just all, "If you don't like it, send it back." And I told him that there was nothing wrong with it. And then I had to tell the waitress and the hostess that no, there's nothing wrong with it. And - aaagh.

I'm sorry. You only send a dish back if the kitchen fucked up. If your medium-well burger is still bloody in the middle. If your food is cold. You don't send something back if you were just trying something new and found that you didn't like it as much as you'd hoped. Adam was perfectly willing to switch appetizers with me.

Can you tell I'm still embarrassed? I'm still embarrassed. I'm not *quite* a regular at Floataway - too pricey - but people do recognize me there. I pretty much spent the rest of my meal trying not to be surly at Dad for making me the center of the swarm that happens at any good restaurant when a dish is sent back to the kitchen. Aaagh.

But that was Dad this week. Usually it's Mom who drives me crazy. And she still did, a bit. But my father has become a cantankerous old man who bitches about everything. This happened a bit when I was visiting in June, but I got it full-force this week, since they were here longer than I was there. He bitches at us. He bitches at waiters (not just at Floataway). He bitches at service personnel for things they have no control over. My father has become the worst customer ever. And I'm standing beside him hoping that I'm telegraphing with my eyes that this is not my opinion and that this is beyond my control and we'll try to shut him up.

And I'm upset about the plan-shifting. The thing he dragged his feet about on Thursday? We were supposed to do it Tuesday. I had rearranged my plans, including massage from manifestress, to do that on Tuesday and visit family on Wednesday. Then he changed his mind, after I'd already told my friend we were doing it Tuesday. So we said Thursday. And on Thursday, he kept finding other things to do before we could make it over, eventually leaving my friend totally on her own. The *only* thing that proceeded on original schedule was the aquarium visit, and that's because we had pre-purchased tickets.

So. I'm upset that they continually failed to take other people into consideration, whether it was the Tuesday/Thursday thing or the massage appointment or anything else. I pride myself on being puntual and reliable, and they screwed that up nine ways to Sunday, without any sort of realization or consideration that anyone but the two of them matters.

So this is why I'm hitting the reset button with much relief. (Part of why.) I can now get back to keeping my damn appointments. So I can get back to being at least somewhat on top of things.

Yeah. So frustrated. But I have a good weekend planned, which ought to relax me even though it's somewhat activity-dense.

The open-invitation thing: Chocolate tasting at Fernbank Museum, noon to 3 tomorrow! Come hang out with us and eat chocolate! We'll be arriving early (11, maybe?) so we can park in the lot instead of a mile away. ;)
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Receiving Day

I'm going to steal irana's list of attendees right off her LJ: "manifestress, mermaidblue, missakins, nanofishie, magenta_girl and ydnic and a beautiful woman by the name of Angelique not on lj. As well as Miss Thing." irana didn't get to meet madame_foo, but I did. Miss Thing is irana's fabulous daughter, and Elayna = nanofishie.

Highlights of the day:

* Cutting up magazines for collages
* Hot tub!
* Trading gifts
* Henna - Elayna got a butterfly on her ankle, and I got a lovely elaborate design on my foot (yes, Karla took pics)
* A wonderful ritual
* BPAL-geeking with ydnic

Mostly just the wonderfulness of being around so many nifty and varied women.

The bad part - I fell in love with a new BPAL.

The really, really bad part:'s Storyville. *hides face*

But yes. It was a fabulous day. Many thanks to manifestress for making it happen!
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Elayna & Mommy laughing

Me as a girl

Outside my house, with Elayna; we are cracking ourselves/each other up saying "Owiesch!" and "Ham Jenga!"

And two birds requests with one stone: me in a skirt and a recent pic of Elayna.
Elayna & Mommy laughing


Re: the pictures...

mgrasso: "You're all busty and curly-haired. Attaway to kick that weight loss's ass!"

kires: "You've gained weight, and I gotta say, it looks good on you."

Yep. This is what a somewhat-reasonable weight looks like on me. This is more than I've weighed in about a year. A 12-pound weight gain. I am very happy that I'm no longer on the verge of requiring a feeding tube!

EDIT Sunday morning: Actually, here's a visual.

New Year's Eve - 87 pounds. (I lost two more in late January.)

August - 97 pounds.

There are no pics of me at 85. I looked like an alien.

But you can really see the ten-pound difference.
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